Happy Meal toy ban and best selling McDonald’s toy

Earlier on this week we revealed that a Happy Meal toy ban was looking likely in Santa Clara, California, this is because people believed that the toys were being used to promote high calorie meals to children.

Since our previous post this subject has become a very hot matter on the Internet, it seems as if a lot of consumers believe that a global ban on Happy Meal toys should be forced upon McDonald’s, this is to improve children’s health and combat child obesity.

Some comments on our previous posts didn’t really back the proposed changes, they believe that McDonald’s Happy Meals are a very small part of the problem, I must say I agree with this to an extent, as Happy Meal toys were around when I was growing up and I never became obese, that said I do feel that McDonald’s could perhaps try to reduce the calories in a Happy Meal.

Back in 2007 Disney ended their toy contract with McDonald’s as they wanted to promote healthier foods, this was a big decision for Disney as the Happy Meal toys really helped to promote upcoming Disney movies.

Over the years there have been thousands of different Happy Meal toys to collect, however from what we can see the most popular toys were Ty’s Teenie Beanie Babies, apparently over 100 million of these were given out.

Will you be sad to see the end of the Happy Meal toys if their is a global ban?

Source: SeattleWeekly


  • pam

    No one ever thinks of the trick down effect. One of the ladies at work had a son who was stationed in Kuwait and he loved getting the fast food toys to give to the children over there. Poor little kids overseas.

  • Free Market Killer

    What right does the government in this supposed FREE country have to tell a company what they should and shouldn't do to promote their products. If the parents don't want their children becoming obese, then they shouldn't buy them fatty foods. How dare the governemtn become dictators of what businesses can and cant do.

  • Travis

    l like the psychology angle, I never thought about that, here is a funny joke I saw about happy meals,


    mhm I LOVE HAPPY MEALS!!!!!!!!!

  • YRD

    I think that it is the parent's responsibility to know what they are feeding their child. I grew up with those same happy meals and never became obese. McDonald's offers alternatives to the french fries, which are apple slices. They also offer apple juice, chocolate milk, and lowfat white milk as an alternative to soft drinks. My daughter loves the fries, but she prefers apples and chocolate milk or apple juice. Don't try to put off the parental responsibilities and blame McDonald's for the lack of parenting.

  • Lynette

    I have two young children and they do like the happy meals and toys. NIne times out of ten I will buy just one meal and split it. I think it is up to the parents of what they feed their children and how often. Just because some dont take it seriously of what goes in their childrens mouths does not mean the rest have to suffer on not receiving a fun toy!!! They already took out the cookies we used to get with a cheapy toy. They can substitute apples for french fries and choose hamburger over nuggets and how many. Half the time it does not get all eaten anyway. Especially if you are at a McDonalds with a play area because they would much rather play than eat.

  • E Brackmann

    When are parents going to stop blaming others for their children being fat. It is the parents job to determin what to feed their children, not Mc Donalds, not the government. Parents need to take responsibility for their children being fat, especially younger ones. Young children do not buy their own food, the parents do!!!

  • michele

    How about not buying the damn happy meal to begin with? Don't blame McDonalds or the toy manufacturer for you lack of restraint, judgment and parenting.

  • l castaneda

    If only we knew 20 years ago that happy meal toys were the cause of childhood obesity we as a nation would all be skinny! This is one of the most ignorant claims I have ever heard! It is not the toy it is the food. Banning a toy is not going to cure childhood obesity. That is the parents responsibility!

  • lal

    Nonsense! How far should government go? If parents can't control what their children eat is that the fault of the restaurant?

  • Gail Bowdren

    It truly amazes me how society insists on blaming eveyone else for their poor decisions. When did parents loose control of what their children eat? Please, Happy Meal toys are why children do not eat right? When did everyone become so irresposible. Is it that difficult to prepare a halthy meal? Other than making a roast ( which should be reserved for the weekend) a healthy meal can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. All it takes is planning.

  • I believe this adds to kids desire to eat at McDonald's ALL the time. I WOULD TOTALLY back this ban up! IM LOVING IT!! HAHA!!

  • Ron in Florida

    Oh goodie ! Another Nanny Law,we can't get enough of those. Let me see if I have this right. You take the plastic,non edible toy out of the Happy Meal and that makes it healthier? That's beautiful. How about not taking your kids out for fast food 6 days a week? Part of raising kids is knowing when to say "NO" and sticking to it. The parents are supposed to be in charge,let's make it that way. Pass laws governing school lunches if you need to pass a law. Drag your kids away from the TV,video game,etc. and send them outside to play. You know, baseball, football, tag, hide and seek,ride a bike. In other words,a little excercise.

  • Tamara Shurling

    I don’t think they should ban the toys. While kids may ask for the meals it is the parents’ responsibilty to monitor their kids’ nutrition. I take my kids maybe once a month as a treat or reward it is not something we do all the time.

  • egnkf

    I disagree with the overall issue when i was growing up There was toys promoting junk food I was never ever obese… And if they think the kids are going to become obese from Mcdonalds because the toys made them Want it (whatever) then the parents should watch they eat don't make the rest of the world go down with you

  • Emily

    The kids aren't buying the happy meals, the parents are. As parents, we need to take the responsibility for feeding our kids fattening food and stop blaming the makers of the food. We are becoming a society that blames everyone else: McDonalds doesn't cause fat kids, but constantly feeding kids fattening foods, including happy meals will make your kids fat. Eat healthier.

  • guest

    if we ban everything that 's not healthy for our kids then the shelves in Walmart are going to be awfully bare. it's not like McDonalds is forcing the parents to buy happy meals for the kids,they could buy the kids a salad from McDonalds that is much healthier for them.The fact is that we as parents are to blame because we choose to take our kids to McDonalds and buy them happy meals.just like potato chips, twinkees, and ding dongs when we could buy carrots or brocalli instead.

  • guest

    if parents don't want their children to be obese they need to quit buying them junk food and letting them do nothing but play on the computer and video games all day.Take them fishing or to the park to play. If we are going to ban happy meals then we better ban Little Debbie's and Hostess and every other type of snack food and junk food. Watch out Doritos.

  • Heather

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous. You as a parent are responsible for what goes in to your child's mouth. Let's stop blaming everyone else for our shortcomings. Now it's McDonald's fault that our children have an obesity problem? My children eat McDonald's once in a while. Let's look into our cupboards and check and see how much junk food in is there for our children to eat on a daily basis. Let's see how many parents instead of purchasing their child a basketball or soccer ball as a gift, purchase them a new game for their playstation or xbox. Let's grow up people and start placing the blame where it belongs, with the individual parents who are too lazy to parent and so stuff food into their children's mouths just to keep them quiet, not McDonalds. Last time I knew, children couldn't start the car and go to McDonalds themselves. Come on now, people. Let's start making sense. Taking the toys out of happy meals, which is sort of a tradition, is NOT going to solve or help to solve the issue of childhood obesity. That has to be done an entirely different way.

  • Laura

    I also think they keep dancing around the true cause because of big business. You can eat pretty much anything as long as you get enough exercise. They keep bashing the food, well I think you need to get to the REAL source, don't get me wrong McD's food is bad but I ate it once a week as a child and I never was fat.

  • Laura

    I have to say just recently I was thinking about chidhood obesity. I was comparing things that are different now than when I was a child in the 70's. My conclusion was the fact that when I was a child my favorite cartoons where only on for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon ( before school and after school) Then the "adult shows" came on and I lost interest and went outside to play. Now they have cartoons on 24/7. I really think they should try an experiment, put cartoons on a few hours in the morning and the afternoon and see if it gets the kids moving. I bet it will. They have so many cartoon channels now that you can see them all the time.

    • Michelle

      I agree, but dont you think the means at which children watch TV are a little more advanced? I mean, there is DVD's, DVR's, Videos, Video games. They would still have just as much access as they do now. If there is nothing on TV, just put in a DVD. It is sad to say but I think a lot of it has to do with the parents. I have a step son and when he is with us he does not watch much TV at all. He knows that when he is with us he is to be outside playing (weather permitting of course) But it is hard for him because when he is with his mother he is in his room watching TV. He isnt told to go outside and play.

  • An American

    People should stop blaming anyone and eveything other than themselves for being uncontrollable fatasses. Americans are stupid


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