Happy Meal toy ban and best selling McDonald’s toy

By Jamie Pert - May 1, 2010

Earlier on this week we revealed that a Happy Meal toy ban was looking likely in Santa Clara, California, this is because people believed that the toys were being used to promote high calorie meals to children.

Since our previous post this subject has become a very hot matter on the Internet, it seems as if a lot of consumers believe that a global ban on Happy Meal toys should be forced upon McDonald’s, this is to improve children’s health and combat child obesity.

Some comments on our previous posts didn’t really back the proposed changes, they believe that McDonald’s Happy Meals are a very small part of the problem, I must say I agree with this to an extent, as Happy Meal toys were around when I was growing up and I never became obese, that said I do feel that McDonald’s could perhaps try to reduce the calories in a Happy Meal.

Back in 2007 Disney ended their toy contract with McDonald’s as they wanted to promote healthier foods, this was a big decision for Disney as the Happy Meal toys really helped to promote upcoming Disney movies.

Over the years there have been thousands of different Happy Meal toys to collect, however from what we can see the most popular toys were Ty’s Teenie Beanie Babies, apparently over 100 million of these were given out.

Will you be sad to see the end of the Happy Meal toys if their is a global ban?

Source: SeattleWeekly

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