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Steve Jobs vs Adobe Flash: 6 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Use It.

One of the hottest current disagreements in the technology world at the moment is between Steve Jobs and Adobe, this is because Apple refuse to feature Flash support on their mobile devices, such as their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Steve Jobs has been pretty critical of Flash in the past and believes that Apple are best of waiting for HTML5, recently Jobs explained himself in a 1700-word open letter, here he raised six main points as to why he has somewhat boycotted Flash.

The six reasons include the fact that Adobe promote Flash by saying that 75% of the video on the web is in Flash, but Jobs states that almost all of this video is available in a format already support by apple mobile devices, this format is H.264.

Jobs also backs up his decision by questioning Flash’s security, Symantec have previously stated that Flash has very poor security records, Jobs also believes that multitasking platforms can be exploited due to the nature of Adobe Flash.

Jobs raises two more worthy reasons, these include battery life and ‘touch’, Apple devices can apparently decode H.264 video using half the battery power that Adobe Flash requires, with battery life paramount on mobile devices this point is very valid. As for touch, Jobs basically states that a lot of Flash websites are not really touch-friendly, iPhone OS-based devices do use a mouse, therefore rollover pop up menus etc cannot be viewed on iPhone etc, if they did it would disable gestures such as pinch to zoom etc.

The next two reasons kind of roll into one, Jobs is not happy that Flash is not open, therefore control is out of Apple’s hands, however his points are somewhat contradicting the fact that he is such as fan of H.264 (as this format is a proprietary platform requiring licensing fees), to find out more check out the source below.

Do you think that Jobs’ reasons are justified?

Source: PCWorld



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