Steve Jobs leads, Microsoft follows: HTML5 Future

By Gary Johnson - Apr 30, 2010

The team over at has found a post from Dean Hachamovitch, who is the General Manager for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, agreeing with Apple’s Steve Jobs verdict on web content delivery.

He praises HTML5 as “the future of the web” with it allowing content to be played on both windows 7 and Mac OS X without the need for plug-ins and having native hardware acceleration. He also mentions that in IE9’s HTML5 implementation, H.264 video codec is the best one for the job and will be the only one supported in it.

The post really starts to get interesting when he turns to the subject of Flash. He repeats Steve Jobs in saying Flashes “reliability, security, and performance” are not as good as Microsoft would want them to be. He then differs from the Apple CEO’s views in saying Flash is an important part of “a good consumer experience on today’s web”, as it can be difficult for a consumer to access flash-free content.

It can’t be nice for CEO Shantanu Narayen and his Adobe team having the two biggest players in computer tech slating your product. What do you think of Flash? Post your comments below.

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