LG’S GW990: Not Being Made

By Gary Johnson - Apr 30, 2010

The LG GW990 was first premiered in January’s CES in Las Vegas and was going to be LG’s first device powered by Intel’s Moorestown processor, but it now seems the device will never see the light of day.

LG have told Phone Arena that further developing of the device is not a good idea, and was merely a concept so won’t be available for purchase. LG had previously said the phone would be launched in the second half of this year, and would have had MeeGo on it at launch. LG did not say if it plans to have MeeGO devices in the future.

The GW990 would have featured a 5MP camera, 3D gaming, HSPA, multi-window UI, and a 4.8 inch touchscreen display with 1024×480 pixels. The fact that MeeGo is not up to speed yet could be the reason LG decided to ditch the device, maybe we will never know. Are you disappointed with this news from LG? Let us know your views.

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  • paul holliday

    i hope they have a change of heart with the lg gw990 it looks awesome with big screen and packed full of features and software to match, i for one was looking forward to having this phone for my next upgrade so disappointed not to be able to get my hands on one please keep me informed on the latest on phones similar to this my other choice was the htc hd 2 or the htc desire after that im not sure im certain that other launches will happen in second half of this year we,ll see,,,thanks for listening Paul Holliday…..