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Google Chrome: Web Browser Patched Twice in April

The Windows version of Google Chrome has been patched again for the second time this month after Google found three vulnerabilities which were rated as “high,” in Google’s four-step rating system, and “highly critical” in Secunia’s rating tracker.

Google shielded what vulnerabilities were actually fixed, a system that Google uses to stop attackers from accessing the information until the vast majority of Google Chrome users have updated their browser.

The “stable” version as Google like to call it instead of “final” received it’s first patch on April 20, which fixed 7 flaws in the browser, with four ranked as “high” and three “medium.” Google also updates it’s browser silently in the background without notifying the user.

The third most popular browser used on the Internet according to NetApplications, which says that Chrome uses approximately 6% of the user base also rewards researches who find the holes and flaws with current builds.

One researcher ended up earning $1,000 (instead of the usual $500 Google offer as part of Google’s bug bounty program) for finding the cross-origin bypass vulnerability he found in Chrome’s handling of Google URL.

You can download Google Chrome for Windows via the Google Chrome website here.

Source: ComputerWorld



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