Chocolate Depression: Could be a direct cause

If you eat a lot of chocolate you may want to pay attention to this post, apparently research has recently been revealed which shows that regular chocolate eaters are more likely to suffer with depression than people who eat chocolate now and again.

Currently there is no scientific proof to prove this, however a recent study across 1,000 adults showed that the more chocolate a man or woman ate, the lower their mood would be.

Part of the research saw some people eat more than six 28g chocolate bars a month, individuals who ate this much scored the highest levels of depression.

It is needless to say that until we hear of scientific research we will be unsure whether or not chocolate will be link to depression, however we would like to hear your opinions on the matter, simply answer some of the following questions in the comments section below.

Does eating chocolate give you a “buzz”? Does eating chocolate make you feel depressed? How many chocolate bars (28g) do you eat a week?

Source: BBC


  • thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.

  • Pierre

    I was first diagnosed with depression in 1998 and have been on and off various medications ever since. However, I have also eaten at least one (200g) bar of chocolate per day, every day (usually in one go), since at least 1990. My personal view as I type this comment, is that the consumption of chocolate results from my depression. However, I am definitely going to try giving up chocolate for a period to see if there are any “positive” effects.

  • chocolatedefender

    or could it just be that instead of chocolate causing depression, it's depression that causes people to crave more chocolate?

  • Jean

    I would be depessed if I DIDNOT have chocolate. I do not get a buzz but I do feel fulfilled after a chocolate eating… may be eat two candy bars a week.

  • Richard Mason

    I eat chocolate and it does nothing for me, except make me feel full and maybe my tastebuds have an orgasm. Chocolate is that good! But as for whether or not it helps depression or causes it, I think there's no correlation what so ever and that this study is a lot of dog doo. By the way, I am disabled, supposedly, due to bi-polar disorder. For me, chocolate offeres a tasty alternative to eating a balogna sandwich for dinner. I usually buy five or eight of those ever-shrinking big sized Hersyey Bars and I eat them off and on over a couple of weeks. I don't get a buizz off chocolate as the article seems to hint at. A buzz from chocolate? WTF? What is that guy smoking?



  • anonymous

    As someone who likes chocolate, someone who gets depressed, and someone who turns to comfort foods at times of stress, I don't see a link between eating chocolate and the chocolate causing depression. I find it more likely that someone who is depressed turns to chocolate to feel better, in part because chocolate contains compounds associated with feelings of love. I can get depressed without having anywhere near chocolate in weeks, so I don't think it causes depression. If there is a link between them at all, I think that if someone you know starts eating a lot of chocolate, and seems depressed, eating chocolate could be a sign that they are depressed and turning to a well known comfort food in order to feel better.

  • Susan

    Perhaps we eat chocolate because we're depressed. I think someone has it backwards. Chocolate gives a depressed person a lift and you don't need an Rx for it. Folks with depression eat more sugar which includes chocolate. We need the sugar to make our brains function.


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