Australia: Cigarette Ban On Branding

By Jamie Pert - Apr 30, 2010

Over the last few years tobacco companies have been on the receiving end of some heavily impacting law changes, we are now hearing that Australia are planning a new change which could further damage tobacco companies sales.

The law changes will force companies to shows graphic images of the damage that smoking causes on the packaging, not only this but there will be a health warning in bold text, the name of the cigarette brand will be in plain text.

As if this wasn’t a strong enough stance we are also hearing that from today Australia have implemented a 25% increase in tax on cigarettes, this would obviously drive the consumer’s price up.

As you can imagine this is all bad news for cigarette/tobacco companies, one company (Imperial Tobacco Australia) will apparently do their best to fight the proposed law changes.

Do you think Australia’s proposed law changes are justified?

Source: BBC

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