Where are the rest of iPad’s accessories?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 29, 2010

The Apple iPad has been available for almost a month now and there is already a range of accessories for the tablet device – but where are the third-part ones? There is already a range of sleeves, bags, cases and a keyboard dock from Apple, but we want more.

It does seem strange that there has been a lack of accessories considering the iPad was announced back in January. Beatweek Magazine points out that one of the reasons for this was due to accessory makers being unable to get their hands on the device in advance. This certainly makes sense, but that is not something that iPad users will not want to hear.

This does not hide the fact that the device has now been available for almost a month now, and still there is this lack of accessories – so where are they?

I do worry about some of the accessories that could be made available for the iPad – how large would a Bose docking station have to be to take the device?

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