Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx): Are You Experiencing Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 29, 2010

The popular open-source version of Ubuntu’s latest operating system has only been live for a few hours, but has Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) lived up to your expectations?

Ubuntu’s last official release before Lucid Lynx was version 9.10 (Karmic Koala), which after numerous fresh and upgraded installs, seemed to be causing more harm than good to the Ubuntu user-base.

It was reported that only 10% of users who installed the new version were ‘fine and dandy’ with their ‘smooth’ installs, which left 90% of the Ubuntu users unhappy, and a fifth of all installations proving to have caused ‘unfixable issues.’

If you are experiencing any issues with the new release of Ubuntu, please feel free to share the information with us and others so that users will be more aware of the problems, therefore are able to avoid them if possible.

We will keep you updated with any problems and suitable fixes and work-arounds in future posts, but for the time being, please describe any issues below this post.

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  • one more thing I might add: It would be nice if the developers released exactly what needed to be done to get the things working that do not work immediately. I am a student and can't afford o have things not work when I need them to do so.

  • How about a release that doesn't need a lot of work to connect to a wireless router. It is so bad for the last 3 updates for me that I am switching to windows at the end of the year. There are so many good things about Ubuntu and the bad is so big that I can not begin to consider it as an option. Running well out of the gate is not an option it is a requirement.

  • Jon

    I upgraded to 10.04 a few weeks ago, and haven't had any real problems save one — I am having all kinds of problems on the web using Firefox. At times, it behaves as expected. But then suddenly I cannot seem to get to a wanted website. For example, I was trying to go to http://www.zcar.com and it directed me to google's home page. I tried searching for the web site and then clicking on the link and again it went to google. I've had this happen off and on and its very frustrating.

  • mr.X

    i did a fresh install of ubuntu 10.04 lts and every few minuts while working on it the screen goes black and i'm forced to keep resturting it. IS THERE ANY FIX TO THIS?

  • Inoe

    Well, yeah it works annoyingly with my Intel Celeron Processor, 512MB RAM, and Intel GM965 Graphic. I don't know though if it is a matter of hardware of others.
    It freezes when copying file. Not only large file. Even a 100MB-400MB file will make it easily not responding during transfer. Seems like basically the problem is uninterruptible process.
    It also happens during installing packages.

  • oldrockmustard

    I made clen installation of kubuntu lucid and get cpu 100% and after 24h of use everything turns slown , very slown. In Hardy thts never hapened. Pitty cause lucid have pretty visual

  • Richard Hartley

    Do not install if you have an NVIDIA, ATI or Intel video card. Totally incompatible with three different pc's I have. Attempts to boot the live cd also futile. It's futile. And I was hoping to fix the pulse audio problems I'm having with 9.04, bummer. Complete turkey. And now I have to spend many, many hours rolling back to a previous version and tweaking everything the way I had it.

  • Rodolfo

    After I installed and updated Ubuntu 10.04 64 my Internet became the slowest ever. I have tried every possible posted solution, but so far nothing can fix this amazingly slow browsing software. I'll give it a couple of possible solutions and I think have to go back to my older OS.

  • barney

    Spent 3 days trying to get my Nvidia Geforce 2 ultra to work. It worked fine in all version of ubuntu up till 10.04. I'm going to format and install 9.10 again. Maybe I might try PCLinuxOS or something else.

  • Randy

    nvidia drivers is a nightmare! workd fine on 9.10

  • Charles

    I have to keep ufw disabled — I can't use gmail or yahoo mail when it's enabled, and it slows down synaptic tremendously. Also, nfs doesn't seem to work for me at all. (I get a mount system call failed error.) Otherwise, it's ok.

  • Bob

    Upgraded from 9.10. Horror!! No screen, no help, no glory! Took me 3 days looking for a solution. Nothing worked. Back to 9.10 instalation again, and I will forget any upgrade!

    • Barry

      Same problem sort of that I had. Try a different video card.

  • Colin

    Upgraded the work box to 10.04, fast and easy. Decided to upgrade my laptop and that's when it all went south.. Older ATI video card giving me all sorts of problems, jaggy playback, no compiz, constant wireless problems, hibernate kills.. after a bunch of reading, and enabling backports, system is barely usefull.. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A LTS!!

  • Barry

    More info: It must be either a defective video driver or no video driver for the ATI video card. An older Nvidia card works fine.

  • Barry

    More info on my previous comment, 9.10×64 boots fine.

  • Barry

    I tried booting with both 32 and 64 bit CDs on a AMD Phenom 64×4 on a Gigabyte GA-MA790FTX-UDP MB with a ATI Radon HD 5500 series video card. The monitor shut off and the boot fails. Any solutions

  • Axl Laruse

    Another thing, I forgot to add to my previous post that GRUB2 it still experimental, it is buggy, and also ASTRONOMICAL complex to do changes. I can do many of them, but a regular user would be in a continues panic attack. KEEP IT SIMPLE S$(%(#

  • Axl Laruse

    1- The most stable version of Ubuntu was the 8.10. After 9.04, problems began to pop-up as spam do.

    2- I am going to wait a little for the 10.04 because I would be piss to have to deal with the garbage I have to deal with 9.10.

    3- The new Xorg in 9.10 doesn't let me use the 3D capabilities of my ATI Radeon x600. It give an option to the user to NOT update or use the laptop with 2D. I have one word for that: SUCKS.

    4- Ubuntu 9.10 have the beeping error enable by default, and it is a pain in the butt to disable it. You want to use beeping? Make a library that provide error as Morse code, not a looping annoying beeping that take everyone attention towards you, making you look like a douche-bag.

    5- What are they doing with the ATX power supplies drivers? If they are working, don't fix it!!!

    6- If EXT-4 is experimental, why the heck are you guys doing by forcing the user to install it as default? Experimental things like that, which can be important for the data of the user, should be options inside the advance window in the installation. It should not being installed as default at least that there are not other options.

  • Johann

    (K/X/Edu)Ubuntu 10.04 has WiFi related issues — after some time the connection speed drops to painful slow. The ubuntuforums are full of reports like that and until now there is no solution. Seems like a WiFi subsystem or kernel issue. But you can try the following which helped:

    When speed is slow: disable WiFi
    re-enable WiFi and wait for re-association with AP. Is speed back to normal?

    Also seehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1473022&… andhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1487039

    If it has helped, it won't last for long, speed drops back to painful slow after some time.
    Consider assigning yourself to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+
    to raise awareness.

  • i was using ubuntu desktop 9.10, i upgraded to 10.04 LTS using update manager but upon finishing it couldnt boot using normal startup rather i have to use same mode and run in low graphics mode. i am using an IBM thinkpad, r50e. i would appreciate any help from you guys. thank you.

  • Jack

    New to Ubuntu and running hardy Heron, which is fantastic. Was cautious with 10.04 and I'm glad I was. Ran it first from the CD and the screen resolution is horrible! Gives me a headache due to the blurriness! Now reading a few blogs/forums about other problems I think I'll just wait and stick with Heron. One question I could never find an answer to, if I installed 10, do I have to go in and redo all the config changes I made to samba? Does 10 overwrite everything and I have to redo all those lines, or will it pick up on what I have and use it? I would sure hate to spend that time redoing Samba?

  • Tom

    I installed 10.04 three times and find it slow, compared to 9.10. I noted that the system monitor shows at least 450 MB Memory Use with 10.04 (Computer idling, if that makes sense- I am not a technical person) but 9.10 shows 170- 180 MB Memory use with the same situation.
    I have Mint 8 (uses 170-180 also) and I tried the Mint 9 RC which (no surprise by now) uses at 450 MB Memory under the same conditions. The Swap file shows no use with any of them at that time.

  • Paul

    Very slow compared to 9.10 … and why have they moved the window close-down etc. buttons to the top left????

  • Kirk A Jackson

    Try to install the proprietary driver and presto she will fly. I have twenty years experience and this is the problem. The old fglrx driver should do it by ati.

  • Raymond

    6-Lost my Grub2 background image (not touching grub2, it's working). 7-Audacious is a bit messy when opening files, will probably purge this and reinstall. 8-Happened 2 times that after a boot no maximise, resize or closed window bar appeared, need to log off, log in to come back, never had this problem before. And that's about it, it's not that bad since I read a lot of horror story about doing the Upgrade, note that this my third upgrade for this computer (9.04 to 9.10 to 10.04) so I was expecting ubuntu not to boot at all after the upgrade but it survived once again. I think I will stick with this distro for a while, I've put too much effort to get all my things working the way I want them and I don't like being scared to loose all my configs, programs and reformat with each Upgrade.

  • Raymond

    Hi, I too upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04. It went relativily good exept for some bugs I needed to fix. 1- keyring issue, my system password was asked each time I logged in, needed to delete my keyring config to fix. 2-Google earth stopped working, needed to delete a locked folder. 3-Shutdown and usb hard drive were grayed out (no rights) after booting (1 time out of ten), this looks fixed now with some updates. 4- Needed to tune my sound back, the sound was a lot more crappy than usual after the upgrade. 5-The ubuntu slpash screen has the wrong resolution (looks like a win95 intro :S), I could problably fix this with some reading but The Start-Up manager applet was not enough (I had some bad experience installing grub2 over grub lecacy, so I don't want to scratch too much into the boot sequence).

  • Didier


    I too have installed recently Ubuntu 10.04 In the first place i was trying a fresh install but it always failed when trying to "start PC card services" so I worked around that by running without installing the OS then choosing to install it once Ubuntu booted. Fine, now it's installed on my P4 but I notice something that happens everytime : the OS boots, I get to log-into it but after some time of running (irrespectful of what I might be doing) the system just hangs – I mean screen just freezes on whatever I was doing and then no response. I can move the mouse around but no widget would respond and I'm left with the only option of physically rebooting my PC. I've tried to log-in in fail-safe mode but same behaviour.


  • RCB

    Lucid 10.04 is a turkey! Downloaded twice – separate systems, burned two disks, tried to run on three different computers. No joy. The boot disk thrashed about, acted like it was trying to load all the goodies, then left me with a locked-up screen! (all three attempts) I tried it our first on a test system that I have dedicated to new installs: no joy. The other systems I tried gave equally dismal results. At this point, I think I'll stick with my 9.10 distro – it works! Maybe some day, after someone figures out that something got messed up in the upgrade it'll be a fine distro. Wait to install this version – it is not ready yet!

  • Guest

    Upgraded both my desktop and my asus eeepc from 9.10 to 10.04 and I have to say I am not happy. Boot times have gone up (x3 for the EEEpc!), both systems appear far more sluggish when in use, gnome-panel settings on my EEEpc have disappeared (and I can't seem to get them back) and my desktop has had X hang on me (leaving no choice but to reboot). For a LTS release this isn't good ! 🙁

  • Simon

    Video. It worked well on 9.10.
    It is totally stuffed after my upgrade, as if it was 8.04 on a P4. Now, because I listened to some idiot fanboy saying everything was fine, I'm faced with the prospect of rebuilding 9.10 to the sweet spot I had it in, and keeping it that way.
    (Video-Cheese freezes on record, Kamora unsyncs sound and vision).

  • Ali

    I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 after installing windows 7 but when I boot sytstem in linux in grub menu it turns my monitor off. I know there should be a graphic resolution problem but I don't have any idea how to fix it. I am using nvidia quadro. i also read all threads about this problem but still couln't solve it.
    Any help is highly appreciated.

  • dominic

    I have reinstalled Lucid Lynx 3 times now. am having issues woth navigating my desktop. its way too slow.

  • dominic

    I have reinstalled Lucid Lynx 3 times now. am having issues woth navigating my desktop. its way too slow.

  • prapu

    Problem with am-utils and nfs. feeds pidxxxx@hostname as hostname resulting in the error message 'Invalid hostname "pidxxxx@hotname:/net" in NFS lock request'. This looks like an old am-utils bug.

  • HP-11511NR (1000-series Mini) with 2-Gig RAM, 32-Gig Solid State Drive performed beautifully with 9.10, but with 10.04 the Broadcom WiFi connection is extremely "iffy". Once it connects it's solid, but it sometimes takes several re-starts to get it to connect to a *strong* signal. All else working as well or better than 9.10 but this will be a serious problem for a LOT of people.

  • tgpfx

    I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 through Update Manager on my PC and it was perfect, and I decided to try the KDE option which didn't load properly and all I get is a black screen but with Cairo Dock and no way of getting back to the default Gnome Desktop (which was perfect) so I have put a second ver.on my disk from a download disk to use until someone can tell me how to get the original upgrade back from KDE to Gnome. Next mistake was to Upgrade my laptop which went through perfectly until I had to restart – It won't – just get a blank screen??Anybody got any ideas?

  • LFD

    I would say do an upgrade for now from 9.10 to 10.04. The fresh install didn't work for me. installed just fine. but on rebooting for the first time… it just hung on trying to find the Grub. I just got a black screen with a flashing under score. Had to install 9.10 and then upgrade to the 10.04 LTS … I am using a AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 And GeForce 9800 GT didn't find my Network controller: RaLink RT2760 Wireless 802.11n 1T/2R Cardbus Subsystem: RaLink Device 2760 and I think thats sad. But for the Record I don't care how fast it might boot up… didn't care about that before. I leave my computer running once it is up. and very rarely shut it down let alone reboot. Yes I'm using 10.04 and left Mandriva for Ubuntu back for Dapper Drake when it was the latest But if they keep doing things like. I might have to tell all the people that follow me to change to something else. I would love to have the freedom again to hack or mod my boot screen again like in grub. grub2 has made it so much more difficult. I will have to wait to see if they will upgrade or fix these things. I really did think Ubuntu way ahead of it's time. but I'm seeing things fall. Or get drop that shouldn't. I shall stay a fan of Ubuntu … but for how much long remains to be seen. 10.04 is nice if you new to linux you should still give it a try. but 9.10 or even 9.04 might work right of the line better. then 10.04 just wait a few weeks for some of the major bug that are found to get fixed like not booting on fresh clean install

  • Harry

    Karmic ran fine for me, very few problems, but Lucid is slow- particularly browsing. Also, scrolling is slow & halting. I'd love any ideas on fixing it. I'm running it on a Toshiba Satelite A105 with a Belkin wireless router.

    • Very similar story with my Tosh Equium A110-252

  • Harry

    Karmic ran fine for me, very few problems, but Lucid is slow- particularly browsing. Also, scrolling is slow & halting. I'd love any ideas on fixing it. I'm running it on a Toshiba Satelite A105 with a Belkin wireless router.

  • Like millions of other people, I have a RT2870 chipset based Wifi device. Ubuntu has had a known issue with this chipset since version 9.10 BETA. Here we are at version 10.04 LST and this issue has not been fixed. And people then wonder why Linux always fails become a mainstream OS. Well, when you continue to fail to fix a basic bug that affects literally tens of millions of users, a year after the issue was first reported, you are pretty much ensuring that your system will always remain a niche product fit only for geeks and nerds.

  • Mark

    Upgrade from Karmic (9.10) 64-bit went smoothly on my HP 8510W. I did notice that it has not found my Blue-tooth adapter, but I don't use it so that is fine. If I did then off to the forums. Everything else happy and got a 14sec boot time. Pity, that is only a sec off 9.10.

    I do use Lotus Notes 8.5.2 so there are compatibility issues which IBM were aware of and are working on, nothing to stop it working though because they gave me a work around so I am using just fine.

    Ubuntu gets better and faster, this release is even snappier that 9.10.

  • Crawford Best

    Graphics are almost unworkable with my Geforce 7600 GS. The browser mostly works except for menu items so I can't shut it down. No desktop, just black.

    Crawford Best

  • Marko

    I have installed Ubuntu with Wubi, but never managed to run it. During the boot it turns off my monitor (actually it puts it in a stand by mode) and freezes. I have waited for about half an hour something to happen, but nothing did. I tried different options from boot menu (safe mode, demo mode etc.), same thing.
    My processor is Intel Core 2 duo 2GHz, RAM 2Gb, Ati graphic card 512Mb…
    I had no problems with 9.10. I'm pissed off a little bit…

    • Christina

      I am having the same issue with no luck finding a solution as of yet.

    • Gunny

      Same issue with my Dell710M. Seems to upgrade from 9.10 (took 3 hrs though) but then on reboot turns off the screen and the hard drive. Finally gave up on the 10.04 and installed Linux Mint Helena. Everything works so well with Linux Mint (this is my first time using the Linux Mint and am thoroughly impressed). Do the Ubuntu guys even test their stuff before releasing ? Reliability over 6 month release cycles on any given day.

    • Michael

      Try this

      press shift+b for grub menu at startup
      append the following to your boot string: i915.modest=0 nomodeset –xdriver=intel

    • I also experience this. I have tried finding a solution for this one but i can’t find something to fix this. I hope Ubuntu developers can post a fix for this sh*t.

  • onprod

    10% ???? would you back it up ?

    If you are experiencing any issues with the new release of Ubuntu, please feel free to share the information with us and others so that users will be more aware of the problems, therefore are able to avoid them if possible.

    We use to share problems at the Ubunto Forums. Follow us there

  • Works amazing! 3 click upgrade from older version was extremely smooth and fast.