Toyota & SUV recall: Should Vehicle Quality Ratings be Questioned?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 29, 2010

This year Toyota’s reputation has suffered some serious blows, this is due to vehicle recalls which seem to have been never-ending for the once popular car manufacturer.

Obviously the main fault is with Toyota’s manufacturing and testing processes, however all road vehicles also go through quality rating tests, if a vehicle manufacturer receives good reviews on Consumer Reports chances are its future is promising.

Now that Toyota have recalled vehicles for a wide-range of problems it makes you wonder if quality ratings are questionable, lets face it if Consumer Reports or J.D. Power managed to pick up some of the more serious faults (faulty gas pedals, interfering floor mats) Toyota could have rectified these problems before vehicles were available to consumers.

I’m not saying that people carrying out quality ratings are at fault, but perhaps their processes should be looked at, and modified to try to notice faults before consumers find out the hard way.

Are you losing faith in ‘independent’ quality ratings? Or is it all the manufacturers fault?

Source: CTVNews

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