Toyota Sequoias SUV Recall: When will it end?

Toyota has issued yet another recall, this time for the Sequoias SUV. 50,000 2003 models are affected by this latest recall – we have to wonder when will this ever stop? Lets face it, customers can only take so much from an automaker, and you will begin to question every Toyota vehicle that you drive.

The reason behind these recalls is because of a traction control issue, it can sometimes switch on and cause the SUV to slow down – not good if you are traveling on the Interstate. Freep points out that this is now Toyota’s eighth recall in the U.S. in 2010.

The Japanese automaker has already made a number of changes to half of the models covered in the recall, as changes were made under the warranty. This latest fix will just be a simple step of reprogramming the skid-control computer.

Toyota have not had a good year, they have already issued 6 million recalls since last fall, and going on this current pattern – this latest recall will not be the last.



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