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iPad and Insomnia News Reports: No Proof

Much has been said about the Apple iPad, but news reports that the tablet device can cause insomnia seem to be a little far fetched. Experts believe that the backlit screen could cause people to stay awake as it suppresses the hormone melatonin in your body.

The bright light can stop the human brain from producing melatonin – this to can have an effect on your sleeping pattern. Kelly Baron, PhD has written an article on Chicago Now, where she explains that she has heard a number of stories in her time regarding insomnia, but has yet to meet someone suffering from this condition due to the Apple iPad.

Baron notes that there has been no such problem with the iPhone, but this could be due to the smaller screen producing less light. The real test would be to read a print book in bed one night and then an eBook on the iPad the next – then you will be able to see if the Apple tablet will cause insomnia.



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