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HTC Droid Incredible Release: Did you get yours?

The HTC Droid Incredible is finally here, as the handset sees its release today on Verizon Wireless. We had expected to see this latest handset to the Android family at CTIA 2010, but it was a no show, but we finally got the chance to pre-order the new smartphone a couple of weeks back.

We have to wonder if Verizon Wireless customers have already pre-ordered theirs or will they head over to a store today? Although Verizon customers will have a tough decision to make, do they hold off making this purchase until WWDC 2010 – as there are hopes of a Verizon iPhone 4G making an appearance?

The new HTC was called the Incredible up until a couple of weeks ago, but became part of the Droid family upon its release date announcement. Do not think that this is just another Droid handset; this has so much more to offer. There is no denying that the Motorola Droid is a great smartphone – but you have to admit that it looks like a brick.

The HTC Droid Incredible is better in every way, and is considered the best Android handset to date. Verizon had hoped to have another smartphone by now, the Google Nexus One, but it looks as though the Incredible has now replaced it.

Did you get your HTC Droid Incredible?



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