Facebook Privacy Not Important to CEO

If the CEO of Facebook thinks that privacy is not important, then where does that leave the user? The admission that Mark Zuckerberg does not care about privacy is shocking, and one that could have repercussions for the social networking site.

This admission came about in a tweet by Nick Bilton, who is the tech blogger for the NYTimes Bits Blog. He had an off the record chat with a Facebook employee, he was asked, “How does Zuck feel about privacy?” His answer was “He doesn’t believe in it.”

The article reports that Zuckerberg has a complete disregard for Facebook user’s privacy. We do not expect people to start deleting their accounts, but just make certain that you do not post anything that could be of interest to marketers.

Facebook seem to be pushing more user details towards companies, something that started in December when they decided to make more of your information public knowledge. More on this story can be found on Wired.



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