Facebook Privacy Concerns: How to Change Your Settings

Are you an avid Facebook user? Like a vast majority of the population, you probably have a Facebook profile, but are you aware of the privacy implications that Facebook shares with third party websites and other people? Probably not, and in a shocking revelation that we revealed today, it seems as tho Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not care for these privacy concerns. In this article, we aim to show you how you can protect yourself from these privacy concerns.

Something to start with, will probably be the ‘Privacy Settings’ which can be found in the ‘Account’ section of your Facebook toolbar. From here, you can change your ‘Profile Information’, where you can choose specific friends that can see certain aspects of your profile. From your photos and videos, to personal information shared on your ‘wall’ and even your birth-date, relationship status, and your religious views.

Further down the privacy settings, you can also change your ‘Contact Information’, which will allow you to select whether or not you can be added as a friend by anyone or friends of friends. You can even make yourself unsearchable if you wish, by selecting the ‘Search’ option, and un-ticking the ‘Allow’ button. There is also a block list which you could make use of, if you wish to block someone already on your friends list, by inputting their name or email address in the available fields.

Of course, the only real way to stop this private information is by not using the Facebook service at all, but who doesn’t want their daily, or even hourly fix of social interaction over the interwaves?

As stated, if you do use the service, it does not take long for you to go through a few settings and disable (or enable) certain aspects of your personal profile to make your social interaction that more private to your liking.

Has Mark Zuckerberg’s comment about privacy made you rethink about the information you share on Facebook? We would like to know your views.

Source: PC Mag


  • Gerald Buck

    Truthfully, I'm not surprised at his lack of concern for privacy. The whole website displays a total lack of interest in anything the user wants/needs. It will make me even more careful about what information I share on Facebook in the future.

  • paiez


  • notafacebookaholic

    crap and facebook seem to fit eachother well

  • facebookaholic

    crap. facebook told everyone about their privacy policy and how to change it if you want to, everyone saw it even if they didn't want to. it was kinda irritating coz it came up more than once

    • Kewaynco

      Not to worry, as of this morning they now have it set to where you have to share everything or nothing.


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