Bungie and Activision 10 Year Deal: Bungie’s Xbox Exclusivity Over?

When it was announced that Activison would be dropped from the Call of Duty franchise many experts believed that this could be the end for the once popular game developer, soon after employees began dropping like flies, however at long last we have some good news coming from the Activision camp.

It has recently been revealed that Bungie and Activision have signed a ten-year publishing agreement, this will allow Activision to publish games which are on Bungie’s “to do” list, most importantly however these games will be developed for “multiple platforms and devices”.

There are many different ways to interpret “multiple platforms and devices”, however it could mean that Bungie’s long exclusivity with Xbox is somewhat over, well sort of.

Apparently the games which Activision can publish are part of Bungie’s “next big action game universe”, perhaps this gaming universe could be a hint at cross-platform multiplayer gaming, what do you think?

Source: JoyStiq


  • Jesse pollinger

    You guys are money hungry pigs odst was nothing more than halo 3 with no br and a shit campaign then you gotta buy every map pack to play certain playlists. You guys are fucking sellouts

  • Poop is good

    that was bungie ohhh


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