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BioShock 2: Rapture Metro Pack DLC Video Trailer, Six New Maps

Yesterday we reported that the upcoming Rapture Metro Pack DLC for BioShock 2 had been indefinitely delayed, we still have no further details regarding the release date, however following on from yesterday’s screens we now have 2K Games’ official trailer for the DLC.

The trailer (embedded at the end of this post) reveals six new multiplayer maps for BioShock 2, these are Pauper’s Drop, Dionysus Park, Fighting McDonagh’s, Fontaine Fisheries, Siren Alley and Smuggler’s Hideout.

Release and pricing details are still a mystery, therefore we will have to keep you posted, all we do know is that the DLC will be rated M for mature.

Will you buy the Rapture Metro Pack? If so, what are you willing to pay?

Source: JoyStiq



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