Nokia N8: 720p Video Capture Sample, Are You Impressed? I Am

By Jamie Pert - Apr 28, 2010

So far I have not known what to make about the upcoming Nokia N8 smartphone, one minute I am severely disappointed at Nokia’s latest creation, the next minute I am won over by the handset’s camera.

Yesterday we posted the full specifications of the N8 along with a few sample shots taken by the N8’s 12 megapixel camera, we have now come across a sample video recorded at 720p by the N8, and I must admit I am impressed with the capture quality.

The sample video (embedded below) shows that the handsets video recording capabilities are perhaps superior to what we have seen before on a smartphone, sometimes the frame-rate suffers slightly, however it is early days for the N8 and perhaps the finalized firmware will fix this.

Are you impressed by the Nokia N8’s video recording quality?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Tarun Rahman

    i have been waiting for nokia N-8

  • Peon

    The HD video sample was quite impressive, but the dropped frames every so often were quite annoying. Hopefully this will be fixed in the finished product.