Noah’s Ark Found in Turkey: Google Earth Images

We recently learned that a Turkish scientist and an evangelical Christian filmmaker claimed that they had found Noah’s Ark in Turkey, the huge boat was claimed to have been found on Mount Ararat encased in ice. Images of its position have appeared on Google Earth.

The wooden structure was been filmed decades ago, and filmmaker, Yeung Wing-cheung is almost 100 percent certain that it is in fact Noah’s Ark. This would be the greatest discovery for years, but as always this claim has its skeptics.

There was one claim that it could just be a shepherd’s hut, further proof will be needed. Getting to the sight will be very hard and will require a team of people to parachute in. When the Ark came to rest atop the mountain, Noah could have then set about taking the boat apart and then turning it into a hut of some sort. More details on this can be found on ABC News.

View a couple of Google Earth images of the area where Noah’s Ark has claimed to be found.



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