Mini Walmart Stores: Online Business Integration

By Peter Chubb - Apr 28, 2010

Walmart has announced that they will be opening up a number of Mini stores across the U.S. so they can offer more Americans cheaper prices for their groceries. They hope to be able to undercut the local competition – although this is good for shoppers, we can expect these no-frills grocery chains to become angry over the loss of its customers.

Wal-mart is known for is chain of supercenters- well apart from a handful of drive-thru stores. Walmart will now stop concentrating on opening up these larger stores as they feel that these Mini Stores will be able to achieve penetration into metropolitan markets. Integration with the online side will become a much larger part of the Walmart Mini Stores business.

According to Wallet Pop, Wal-mart currently have 2,747 giant stores in the U.S., 132 were opened in 2007 and just 49 in 2009 – showing that the supermarket chain has slowed down by 175 percent over the past two years.

Residents in an area where a Mini Walmart Store is based do not need to worry about expansion plans, its online orders will allow the store to offer much more than it would normally.

Do you welcome these Mini Walmart Stores?

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  • patty

    great concept, walmart has everything that a urban community needs for their family and in these trying times it cant hurt to put alot of people to work

  • Lisa

    Bad to shop there even worse to work for. Keep them out. I will continue to pay the difference to shop at Target ( really not much difference). The customer service is better as is the overall quality of product sold at Target. Too many people fall for the "Roll Back" Lie. I have truly done my homework and I just find Target to be the over all better package, you get what you pay for!

  • LazyTeacher

    I like the idea of a drive-thru mini Walmart. Perhaps you could place your order online, and then just drive-thru to pick it up.