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HP Buys Palm: Web OS Slate Tablet Anyone?

Palm and HP (Hewlett Packard) have announced the coming together of the two companies, as HP is to purchase the Pre and Pixi maker for the sum of $5.70 per share – or $1.2 billion. This could mean that HP could offer two versions of the Slate Tablet, Windows 7 or even a custom webOS version.

We know that webOS is a mobile OS, but we know that Palm would be able to adapt it to run on something more powerful. HP has a powerful presence in its current global market and with the strength of the webOS platform; this deal will be beneficial to both parties.

HP will now be able to enter the smartphone market knowing that they will have a world class mobile OS behind them, allowing them to take full advantage of its features. It is no secret that webOS is considered the best mobile OS on the market, but Palm has never had the right hardware or financial backing as its rivals.

However, this will all change once Palm is able to dig into HP’s deep pockets and hardware resources. We are certain that if HP develops a smartphone running on webOS, then the computer maker will be able to open more doors than Palm could ever have. HP may be forced into offering a webOS version of its Slate device, as the full Windows 7 OS is too much for the device to handle.

More details on this deal can be found on Engadget

Do you think we will see a webOS Slate Tablet device?



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