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Google Android 2.2 / Froyo: Will Support Adobe Flash – Andy Rubin

The rivalry between Google and Apple seem to be growing daily, therefore it is no surprise to hear that Google seem determined to build on one of Apple’s biggest downfalls with their mobile operating systems, lack of Flash support.

It is no secret that Apple are not a fan of Adobe Flash, currently there is no Flash support on their iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, instead they are backing HTML5, this decision has caused lots of friction between Apple and Adoble.

We are now hearing that Google’s next Android version Froyo (Android 2.2) will feature Adoble Flash support, this was revealed by Google’s vice president of engineering Andy Rubin when he spoke to the NewYorkTimes.

This means that all Android 2.2 compliant devices will feature full Flash support (from what we have read), so not only will Android smartphones have a new advantage over the iPhone, future Android-based tablets will be able to boast Flash support as well.

Do you think that Apple may regret their decision to not support Adobe Flash?

Source: Cnet


  • I think in some countries still apple products are not common. What is the reason?


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