Forget Google Earth: 1,000 3D World Maps in a grain of salt

IBM is at it again; they have just announced a new technique involving a small silicon tip where scientists are able to produce patterns as small as 15 nanometers. This new, much less complex technique costs less money and is 100,000 times smaller than the point of a standard pencil.

Toms Hardware
explains that most of this is due to the advancements in nanotechnology and makes it possible to even create 1,000 3D World Maps on one grain of salt, who needs Google Earth? OK so I know that that was a stupid question, but something like this just blows my mind away.

IBM said that this latest development would now offer more possibilities with nano-size objects – one area that will benefit is with electronics. We wonder if chip technology will take another evolution jump? We all understand the serious side of this new technology, but it is nice to see the fun side like these small 3D maps of the world.



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