Boy Scouts Video Game Badge: The Guidelines

Would you have ever thought that Boy Scouts in the U.S would ever receive a video game badge? Well this is just the latest badge to join the others available to the Cub Scouts, Tiger Cubs and the Webelos Scouts, which was announced on the Boy Scouts of America website.

The badge does not require you to play someone and try to beat them in a game; instead you will have to explain to your group leaders why the ratings system within a game is so important. You will also have to come up with your own schedule, making certain that video gaming does not stop you from doing your homework and chores.

The most important and one of the areas where children will struggle is to learn to play games that have been approved by your parents – looks like there will not be many video games badges handed out then.

That was only the first part to getting the badge; you will then have to acquire the Academics Pin. So not only do you have to pass the previous three requirements, you will then have to follow this up with a further nine. More details can be found on Tomsguide.



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