2003 Toyota Sequoia Recall: 50,000 Models Affected

Toyota have announced yet another recall, this time involving the 2003 Sequoia. There are to be 50,000 of these SUVs recalled, as they will need to have their anti-rollover software upgraded. The Japanese automaker seems to be forever in the news over recalls – we wonder if the brand will finally be affected by this latest news? This follows the recent recall of the Toyota Corolla in Brazil, which we covered in a recent post.

According to The Detroit News, the NHTSA have received more than 50 complaints over 16 months over what is being described as unexpected braking or slowing of the vehicles. This is the complete opposite of the 8 Toyota million recalls towards the end of last year.

Toyota has said that these vehicles do not present any safety risk, but they decided to recall them to alleviate concerns from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We must stress that the recall is only for the 2003 Toyota Sequoia.

For more details on this story visit The Detroit News. Could this be the last straw for the Japanese automaker? Will customers finally jump ship and move over to its rivals?


  • I own a 2003 Sequoia and I'm in Canada (Toronto). Just wondering if the recall affects Canadian vehicles also? Is there a website where we can enter the VIN and see if we are a part of the recall.

    Thank you.


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