Wal-Mart Lawsuit Over Discrimination Claims Within a Year

Wal-Mart will now face a lawsuit over sex discrimination claims on female workers following a six-to-five vote. The lawsuit will try to claim millions of dollars in back pay, and is likely to start within a year. According to The Australian, this will be the largest discrimination lawsuit of its kind in the U.S.

This lawsuit involves hundreds of thousands of former Wal-Mart Sam’s Club and female employees – where they allege that they received less pay and promotions than male staff. If this goes the way of the plaintiffs, then this could have serious repercussion for the supermarket chain.

The lawsuit was filed all the way back in 2001, so has taken nine years to get to this stage. Walmart has tried on a number of occasions to stop the case from going to court. A company not offering equal pay to female workers is something that was common place a decade or two ago, but not now.

We wonder how the verdict will go? It would be nice to see David beat Goliath once again.



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