Porsche Recall Panamera Grand Tourer: Faulty Seatbelts

German automaker Porsche has had to issue a recall on all of its Panamera Grand Tourer vehicles, this certainly puts a cloud over the model as it has only been out for a few months. However, this is something that we are now getting used too, what with the recent Toyota and Ford recalls.

The issue with the Porsche Panamera was with its faulty seatbelt tensioners, which has affected 11,300 vehicles in total. This latest Porsche model was meant to help increase sales of the Porsche brand by stealing customers from the Mercedes-Benz CLS – this will put a dent in their plans.

Reuters reports that Volkswagen is not happy about this latest development and could take quick action, as it could have an effect on them as a brand. It does seem a shame that more and more vehicles are now being recalled; we do wonder which model will be next?


  • Simon Ellwood

    Fixation on surplus horsepower and evermore IT accessories, the makers drift away from the fundamentals that their customers really value.


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