Nokia N8: Full Specifications, WiFi n, 680MHz ARM CPU and More

By Jamie Pert - Apr 27, 2010

Earlier on today we posted an article which revealed that a prototype of the upcoming Nokia N8 had unimpressed a reviewer, this resulted in the reviewer calling the N8 “Embarrassment to Nokia”.

As previously mentioned as this was an early N8 running an early version of Symbian^3 we could not take the first impressions too seriously, Nokia have now revealed a full list of specifications for the N8, which prove that the handset does have some promise.

Performance hardware within the N8 looks pretty impressive, it features a 680MHz ARM 11 processor along with a “3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenGL-ES 2.0 support”, it also features 256MB of SDRAM and 512 MB of NAND memory.

The N8 features a 3.5 inch OLED display, this touchscreen display supports a resolution of 360×640, other impressive features include its 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and its ability to record 720p HD video you can store this on a microSD memory card of up to 32GB.

As for connectivity the handset features WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 and HDMI-out, for full details regarding the specifications check out this link.

As you can see the hardware within shows that the handset could be great, however all of the pressure is on the Symbian^3 OS which needs to pull all of the hardware together.

Do you think the Nokia N8 can be a success?

Source: Nokia

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  • Chip

    Though it is better than iPhone, a lot better. I think all phones are better than Apple's worthless phone products. People think its the best because it looks nice. Check out HTC now or the Nokia n8.

  • Chip

    I don't like Nokia, Ive always had problems with them… I'll stick to my beloved and perfect HTC Desire.

  • tictactaylor

    Having used an N8 for a while, and being an ANDROID FAN, I think the N8, INC software is a fantastic device. I initially slated Nokia on another forum, but after a long trial I like this device. My complaints are still lack of apps, that is the main thing. But to be honest using this device day to day I actually prefer it over Android. It's little things like when pressing the power off button not having to confirm yes etc, people say the battery life is poor, but it's not that bad. The cheap price, and hardware features like HDMI out, fm transmitter are great. But the software is kind of nice too, it's a little retro, and basic, but that is actually one of it's good poimts it's easy to use. Don't like the lack of qwerty keyboard, but am happy to make that sacrifice. More apps please! If you like Android BUY AN ANDROID PHONE! Try the HTC HD Desire, etc. I still think Symbian has a place, be a SAD World if everything was identical would it not, GREAT phone Nokia.

  • Knight

    Too all those not educated properly. Thinking about the future you need a faster CPU. If making phone calls is all you need go and get a Nokia 1110. That doesn’t need the extra power either.

    2nd Android is the most powerful operating system for mobile. Its open source, totally custamizable, able to bring out new features that makes even the oldest phone compete in this ever changing market.

    Sorry Nokia, symbian is dead. Just a question of time…

  • anees

    nokia phones are gone rubbish as there phones keeps on having problems and the when the n8 came out as i got it on the day it came out i had probs with the internet and a week later Nokia had recall them back and set new ones which are a little better but still it is not good enough

  • aaaaa

    does it have a 12mp camera. hdmi out and usb on the go

  • navin


    Even Samsung Wave is a far better buy vis a vis a Nokia N 8 as it has all the features & a very good 1Ghz processor. This is the faSTEST IN THIS CATEGORY.

  • Jaydee

    USB otg (on the go) – plug in ur thumbdrive straight into the phone without needing a PC whatsoever..

    TV out/HDMI out – As the demo in my link above..
    u get tv out on the WHOLE phone operation; unlike iPhone or Android phones whereby u'll only get tv out for when u open up ur video app.ONLY. And that if u even bother to BUY the crapping cable.. On the N8 the cable is supplied in the box.. How convenient?

    Bluetooth 3.0 – Currently Nokia N8 n Samsung Galaxy S are the only 2 phones that have BT3.0.. It offers lighting fast file transfer to another BT3.0 equipped device.. Also as in the video demo above, u'll be able to connect more than 1 bluetooth device at any given bluetooth keyboard n bluetooth mouse n probably BT headphones.. also regarding bluetooth headphones, u'll get much much better sound quality coz its A2DP bluettoth connection got a 'bigger pipe' to stream the sound file..

    The best 12mp camera on a phone – rivalling even a DSLR camera on automatic settings..
    don't anyone dare to compare the measly 5mp pics of the iPhone 4 with the N8.. its a no contest..

    OVI maps – Premium grade free maps/voice navigation application that is yours for free, forever…

    As for apps… believe me.. in 3-6 mths time the apps. growth on a Nokia phone is gonna be like mushroom growing after a rainy day.. Why? Coz with the launch of Symbian 3 like on the N8 and the hardware capability these devices have, along with QT development tools,iPhone n Android apps. developers r gonna flock to Nokia n port their apps. to Nokia phones.. its starting to happen already.. Angry Birds, Four Square, Need for Speed..etc

    As for the processor speed, the iPhone4 uses the ARM A8 processor clocked at 800mhz while the HTC is using the Qualcom 1ghz processor
    and the N8 is using ARM11 680mhz processor PLUS 3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenGL-ES 2.0 support. Think about it the iPhone4 use the ARM A8 800mhz processor that needs to support the CPU and the 3D hardware accelerator in one processor, while the N8 separates these two so that the CPU of the device does not need to support the HW accelerator cause someone else is doing that job for it..hence better battery life because it has better power management..

    Now can anybody tell me again why HTC/iPhone is better than the N8..?

    • JJJJ

      thanks for the details! maybe now they understand!

    • g.c.

      super. only person talking sense here. most others don't know the tech they are talkin about.
      i'm gonna buy one.

    • GetYourFactsRight

      Better research will help you to be more persuasive.

      Each of the phones you mentioned above all have a similar architecture in that the iphone and the HTC Desire both have a GPU for graphics.

    • bbbbb

      finally someone explains in a manner that makes clear cut sense, so in other owrds the N8 is the only phone on the market with a dual core processor, much like all our computers went a few years ago, i think have of the ppl's responses are so tech backwards, their buying an ipad for their gf's xbox

    • gfdas

      iPhone4 uses the A4 chip at 1ghz, not 800 mhz

    • Sharad

      I haven't used this phone, so no comments on the phone !

      But let me tell you that Qualcomm 1 GHz processor used in HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD also has a GPU which has a separate 2D core and a separate 3D core . And yeah that processor is far more better than the processor which Nokia has been using. And as far as my knowledge goes, even Apple has a 3D core GPU and a 1 GHz processor.

      Also, this is not called dual core. NVIDIA Tegra 2 is dual core like Intel Centrino Dual Core Processor where they had 2 CPU cores. In Nokia N8 or HTC's case, it is like, u have a CPU and plus a graphics card. So, get ur facts right before u post in forums which would eventually confuse people.

      But again, processor is just one dimension to look at. User interface, features and apps must satisfy the user, and as long as people feel that the product is worth their money, who cares for the processor speed.

      • Jimmy

        Thats probably the only proper reply here, jeez…

  • Cleo Fernandes

    Processors in a computing system , of pixels in a camera . It is not a fact that a higher processor would do the job at the end of the day ie if you run out of charge by the evening. Nokia N8 has worked out this. Ask a professional photographer , higher pixels in a camera does not mean its better . In fact you get noise in low light photography. Anyways just wanted to inform don't run to give negative reviews. I wonder how many of the above own the piece. Own it to know it or wait for the owner reviews.

  • JJJJ

    guys, guys, guys. you are all overseeing one thing. the nokia n8 has not one processor, like you all think but two! one 680 Mhz proccessor and one for all the grafics. wen you mount that up you have your 1 Ghz proccessor. Nokia n8 has two proccessors for better battery use. so it's very effecient and smart thinking, instead of whats going on in your heads.

    i'll buy the N8

    • Fatmansleeping

      Here Here best comment here, mines in the post. well on order cant wait

    • Parre

      I buy N8 too, What you are saying is right.

  • ados

    r u kidding? android is a joke…. biggest unstable piece of poo in the world…

    • bow

      (yes. yes. yes. yes) x inifinty

  • bojac

    Speed matters. But I will not be playing a CALL OF DUTY game with this phone. 1 GHZ processor is good but if the processor of this phone meets the expected performance. I don't care about the extra speed (extra cost). Why should I buy 10-wheeler truck when all I need to travel efficiently is a 4-wheel decent car (that is the idea!). Come on! Processor is speed is just component of the whole equation. This phone has a lot to offer compared to the other phones out there who have bigger processor clocks but needs recharging every day or less than a day.

    • Lou

      Peeps who talk '' they should put 1 Ghz / more ram /andriod this and that … Buy a Psp + Iphone. if you wanne play games and have andriod at the same time … Realy be realistic when you talk … ITs a phone not a Notebook dont forget that..

  • rhomaion

    The CPU is outdated huh? You do know this phone beat the iPad in a browser benchmark right? The iPad, which doesn't even make phone calls. Sorry but all you haters just failed.

  • Dan

    So you guys are judging the Nokia based on its CPU – Just exactly how many mips are needed to make a phone call?

    I don't want a PDA, notebook or pocket sized laptop I want to make phone calls and not have to charge my phone every (other) day.

    Obviously in the minority. lol

  • Dennis

    I've used Nokia since like 10 years back. Always loved em!
    Currently I own a N95-2 and now I'm looking to get a new one.

    Only one thing is for sure: It won't be some 680 Mhz processor crap phone.
    My friends with iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Evo 4G will totally LOL at me.

    How can you release (not even released yet, mind you) a new phone, which is ALREADY worse than the existing competitors?
    Really weak Nokia.

    Who gives a damn about your 12 MP, posterpicture-taking camera? Sure it's 720p video recording, but so what? They need atleast 1 Ghz AND they shouldve used Android 2.2 on it.
    They're messing with too many OS's. Either they shoulda went with Maemo, or switch up to Android.

    I'm buying a Galaxy S

  • code

    I don't think this is a mediocre device. Nokia n8 is pretty much awaited. The only thing that upsets the people right now is the delay of its release. I've read all the reviews and videos. I can say that I will really buy nokia n8 over other phones but I am hoping for the release to be sooner.

  • bullboy254

    Comeon people! What are you trashing Nokia for? Outdated processor? That was a careful design consideration; you can't have pentium dual cores on smartphones! Think of the ingenious battery life this little baby gives you. There's graphic acceleration for everything, it can shoot 720p HD mind you. Symbian is a very powerful platform; I guess they're on the right track. And for those thinking it has a mediocre device: Nokia doesn't make every phone to please a billion.. This phone is targeted toward a specific crowd, you know.

  • Bird

    I guess they´re trying to deliver a phone with a longer battery life (therefore the ARM11) and in the meantime taking some load of the processor and shifting a lot of work to the GPU.
    Also they are probably trying to sell this one to the mass market by keeping a tighter budget than for example the N900 which was much more expensive and way to expensive for most phone users.
    Now let us hope, Nokia will be able to deliver it for a reasonable price.

    And than we will wait and see if Nokia will ever relive those glorious pioneering times of their N95 (8GB) Wich is still a wonderful piece of technology 🙂

  • nameless

    Indeed, Nokia finish last in the run of new top notch mobile devices this year behind HTC, Sony and others…

    And what do they present? a 12Mp phone with a bunch of cons like outdated cpu, mediocre design….

  • spartan

    i used to b a fan of nokia, they have started to go down the pan, thought they had jumped back into the groove with the n900, then what do they do?
    Go and bring out an inferior phone 1 year later!
    I mean come on nokia, you had a decent os in meamo 5 why mess around agian with symbian??
    And and ARM 11 cpu???? what? that is generations behind already and it isnt even out yet, its a worse chip set than the n900. come on nokia get you groove back. we need you!