iPhone 4G vs. Nokia N8: Release Date Seals Fate

By Peter Chubb - Apr 27, 2010

During lasts months CTIA Wireless 2010 event we learned that the Nokia N8 would be revealed some time in April, well Nokia did not disappoint and officially announced the new handset today. The cell phone maker plans to launch the N8 in Q3, which is bad timing for a new phone – its round about the time that Apple will release the iPhone 4G.

Its either bad timing or Nokia has a very good reason, but could this decision have already sealed the fate for the N8? Do not get me wrong, the new Nokia does look like a nice phone – but it will need to be an awesome phone if it has any hope of doing well next to the rumored iPhone 4G.

We reported in a recent post that the new Nokia N8 would come with a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen and an awesome 12-megapixel camera complete with Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash. The handset offers 16GB of storage with a capacity to increase this via its microSD card slot.

Engadget reports that a number of markets will see the Nokia N8 released in Q3 2010 with a price tag of $494 (€370). Let us hope that Nokia is able to shift a huge number of units, it would be a shame if not.

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  • Ran Ruobin

    hey guys (you specialist out there) !!
    can someone answer me if the IPhone does have a FM Transmitter?
    Does it even have an FM Radio (I really do not know)
    Can the IPHone load JAVA(whatever version) apps?
    Can the Iphone read streamed videos esp. flash etc…?
    I am also not sure, if the Iphone does have an HDMI exit for TV
    Which Bluetooth standard does it cover. ( I remember one of my friends got a lot of problems using bluetooth stereo headset and other bluetooth connections at the same time (most NOKIAS manage this excellently)
    Does the new Iphone have a flash at all ( I only know the old one doesn;t have it)
    Is the battery still fixed in?
    Is the famous antenna problem from the startup now fixed?
    Jesus have another 10 points…….. but if you could answer me those questions, it will help me to make up my mind
    from Sichuan China

  • Dadi

    I realy dont under stand this ilove that is going on even tho i do see that most things isomthing are good looking, but they simply break to much for my taist. Most people i know have had 4-5 ipods cause they keep breaking and i still have my good old creative. But when it comes to the iphones apple didnt make it for everywhere so people had to crack it thus making it very exciting.. :þ I will defenetly buy the nokia N8 because i like what i have seen: 12 mpx, hd record, free GPS, OS that looks promising, HDMI and usb adapters and i would just feel like a idiot to spend that much more on a phone that has less!

    PS. I am an electrician and have had all kinds of phones and the one i though would die the firs (nokia 5800 Xpress) is still working fine after more then a year of punishment.

  • NokiaNoSirve

    first of all Iphone 4g if much better than the N8, has the double of processor and memory ram. second, if you want to take good pictures you have to use the Sonyercsson satio. this is a real camera, sony has cibershoot as a camera and walkman and disckman also the mega bass tecnology. all of these is contained in the satio. thrid, the xenon flash of any sony ericcson is much better than any nokia led light, the photos of any nokia are very poor comparing them with a sonyerccsson k or c models. the diference is bigger if you compare any nokia with a satio camera.

    • theMan

      ^ hey dumb-o what are you saying? have you check the n8 specs? SE Satio and N8 are both geared with 12mp and xenon flash.

  • antony

    Iphone is just for Show-Off, nothing more

  • sonyavading

    iPhone 4 knocks this one out completely.

    This one would be even more better if it has a front facing cam. N8 Phone New Impressions

    • Mike

      The N8 has a front facing cam.

  • john

    (some experts say that the iphone camera is better) sure, mac experts lol. where is the proof?

  • John

    iphone 4:many cool apps,(most of them free) retina display, gyroscope, very good processor, the best os on the market, good ui, cool camera, very fast, psp like games etc
    nokia n8:camera(some experts say that the iphone camera is better)

    • Erik

      Iphones cam Sucks, only 5 mb, no Hdmi, no Java
      not a free gps.
      I know that the cpu is 1 ghertz, but i is still not kicking N8's .

  • Larry

    Can anybody if the Nokia N8 Released Already

  • z_vish

    LOL! Nokia is on top of mobile market. and Apple only 5th. How many models do they have in Nokia? and only one for Apple. Impressive for being 5th with only one model, if you ask me.

    • Mousiik

      As u surely DONT KNOW, the apple is not making only iphones, but they are developing their own OS,Computers, Music players… etc. etc.

      No one can compare NOKIA and APPLE.
      You can only compare Iphone and N8 (or some other model).

      And the second thing: they dont have only 1 model. They have Iphone,Iphone2.0 Iphone 3g+3GS and now Iphone 4GS. <— If u learned math, there are 5 models which looks SAME and are SAME CRAPPY with almost NO USE in "daily life" and other things.
      Have you ever seen a buisnessman with Iphone?? No you didnt. I-phone is good market-fedded thing for 10-25 yrs old peoples who wants to be cool.

      • AKS

        I don't think new Iphone is "4GS" its 3GS. The phone is just called Iphone 4.

        I've heard people complaining about dropped calls with the new Iphone 4 on the Rogers network.

        Its rumored that Apple is going to release a new Iphone 5 in January. True or not true, doesn't matter I am waiting to see how the N8 is…

  • Apple I phn suckssssssss Nokia N8 rocks … even the older mobles like the Nokia N96 beat Iphns .. so wt do u expect
    the bottom line is Apple I phns Sucksss…

  • FireAsBall94

    iphone is just a ezpensive toy. im gonna buy n8 because it's much more usefull and it' built to take damage. i need a phone that doesnt brake up easly. im now using nokia 5800 and im very happy with it. this text is written with nokia 5800

  • rex

    nokia is the best smartphone. Iphone is only fun devices but Nokia is known for quality and high tech features.

  • chan

    Well, the iphone 4 is the first true release from apple. Previous versions have been a market trial. Users possessing these 'prototypes'… please dont deny your suffering! even jobs had trouble during the launch. sure it wasnt the phone's fault, perse, but iphone users are always distressed and annoyed.
    Having said that, the n8 doesnt seem superior either, except the camera maybe… interface wise, the htc (D.I and ev4) might have the edge. the fact is few people have used either of these sets on a permanent basis to give a verdict.

    personally, im waiting for a touchscreen cell with vertical slider and a keypad like the e55's. TRUST ME its in the works (with 8mpx camera)… think aino, but 10x better, and onscreen typing.

    • IhateApple

      1st true release with a sh*tty antenna… lol

    • V_P

      Apple is just about charging you for every f***ing thing. And what do you say about a company that releases their latest "iPhone" and they have bugs with the antenna. It drops the signal but its still perfect????WTF And how much you pay for it $600!!! What a crap. The funniest is that they addmit the mistake but they are too BIG and say well you will have to buy a cover/case because we are not willing to go for a recall on that. Ask a Iphone user how much they pay every month – around $130 !!!! There are a lot of stupid people with a lot of money to waste!!!

  • Chuukah

    I will be buying an N8 for sure when it's released and I have also owned every single iPhone that has come out so I'm not a "hater". The reason I will not be buying the new iPhone is simply because apple will not be releasing a compatible version for my carrier WIND mobile in Canada. I also don't like the direction apple has been going in the last year and with the new iPhone coming out soon with yet another abysmal list of new specs the N8 will definitely be a better phone all around.

  • Marcus

    I'll be buying the N8, because it's basically the same as iPhone 4G in some ways better, some ways worse (actually I have a feeling it's overall better) but most importantly the pricetag…MUCH better. (Everything apple is overpriced, f.ex computers- components are the same, price may be even double!) One more reason: I don't have a digital camera of my own, and now I'll be getting a very good one (12MP!) in the same package with my phone. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against apple. I actually have an iPod and am very satisfied with it. Quality stuff, will probably buy an iPod as my next mp3 too. Just saying I'm not gona pay anything to get apple… Everything is assembled in china these days, I'm not gona pay double to get the same stuff in white plastic.

    • AB2010

      Exact My words too..NOKIA N8 rocks specs wise..let see can user experience wise too//

  • henrik

    I think a lot of tech blogs are missing the point with the N8.

    1. It will be half the price of the new iPhone
    2. It will, for the most part, have vastly better specs (and more features) compared to the iPhone.
    3. 1. and 2. combined is in impressive achievement.
    4. The iPhone caters to different types of people than the Nokia N8 or most other Nokia smarthphones does.
    5. Symbian^3 is an incredibly versatile and fast OS, esspecially when you look under the hood.
    6. I don't think Nokia are too concerned about the iPhone, I think they are more concerned about competition from the Android vendors and RIM in the long run. That's where their focus is right now.

  • qwerty

    all the best technologiest are on n8:oled screen, 12 mp camera, 720p video and many more http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/devices/nok

  • Mhs

    N8 is An hd phone with the new sympian^3.This new software support multitouch and complet different from the old poor sympians..sorry for my english Am a japanese speaker

  • Download

    N8 have 3d hd acelareted games…. the same as in iphone… N8 have the OS wiht graphics accelareted….the same as iphone…. N8 have hdmi and dolby surround 5.1… iphone dont have…. n8 have an best camera, and the best flash for night shots… iphone dont have…. in terms of OS iphone is beautifalll… but the two OS make the same…. in symbian 3 you will have the same…. and now its open source and have de QT to port the aplications…. iphone is only marketing…. people are stupid buying iphones…. its like the other products by apple…. lol… the iphone, the ipod, the ipad, the macbook, etc…. what something new they make?????????????? lol…..
    Sorry about my english……

    PS : Nokia offer free gps navigation without any cost, forever…. walking and driving….. anyone find it on another phone??? google maps, consume network traffic…..

    Open your eyes….

  • N8 got a “capacitive touch screen” apart from so many spec. which iphone does not have, till now all the so called iphone killers didn’t had so its going to be ultimate killer.

    and n8 cam also having “face & smile detection”.

    • Kampo

      still now all the so called iphone killers didn’t had ?????



      EVO 4G



      You still looking for iphone killer ?

      Iphone is history wake up


      • bill gates

        lol, you are joking i hope? There may be better phones out there but none will kill or even come close to the popularity of the iphone no matter how many haters try and knock it

  • Brad

    I don't think that Nokia is, or even should be, competing with the iPhone with this device. This device targets mothers who would love the idea of carrying a phone/digital camera, rather than both seperate.

    The truth is, I will be getting an iPhone this summer, but I am sure my wife would rather have the N8. The iPhone doesn't appeal to her, because it takes crappy pics. I think the tech review sites are missing the point of the N8. Nokia has designed a camera first, with a phone as an afterthought, and they can tap a whole new market with that.

    • phoenix

      Hell with Iphone – no multi tasking, no compatible bluetooth, problems with wifi hell a lot of issues..hope its all fixed in 4gs..
      touch screen and ui is the attraction nothing else. wiht 3gs

      • glen

        iphone is craps and its only just come out with video calling when nokia has been doing all that for a long time…iphone will never survive the mobile industry + its just a toy not practical…

      • sonyavading

        This one would be even more better if it has a front facing cam. N8 Phone New Impressions

    • keith

      nokia is still top in overall mobile and smartphone market whereas apple is only in 5th place for overall mobile market