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iPhone 4G Prototype Update: Jason Chen’s home Raided

News of the stolen iPhone 4G prototype shows no signs of slowing, we reported yesterday that police were now involved. The latest is that the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been raided by police – the blogger was not at his home at the time.

The San Mateo police entered his home with a search warrant, a number of items were removed from his home – no arrests were made. According to Gather, Gizmodo claim that Chen and his sources used to obtain the stolen iPhone are protected under journalism shield laws – this certainly raises a question itself, are bloggers journalists?

For those who wish to see the warrant to enter Chen’s home, Gizmodo have uploaded a copy to its website, have a read and let us know if you think it is valid. Times Online reports that the items taken by police include: computers, hard drives, cell phones, cameras and a number of other gadgets.

Do you think that this whole situation has now gotten out of hand? Who is in the wrong – Apple or Gizmodo?



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