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BlackBerry OS 6.0: Is it needed?

When you look at most mobile operating systems these days there are only a few popular OSs which are in dire need of a rewrite, one OS which I would not put in this list is RIM’s BlackBerry OS 5.

On my BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS runs like a dream, the handset’s multitasking capabilities do not seem to seriously affect the handset’s performance, also the integration of email accounts and Twitter accounts etc ties in with the OS’s user interface seamlessly.

RIM have recently announced that they are working on OS 6.0, this OS should arrive in Q3 2010 and will apparently bring improvements to the user interface, not only this but they will enhance touchscreen support and there should a new and improved version of their webkit-based web browser.

As previously mentioned I have no issues with 0S 5’s user interface, also as my Bold 9700 has a physical keyboard and doesn’t have a touchscreen interface I do not need ‘enhanced touchscreen support’, therefore the only change I would welcome out of the proposed changes is an improved browser, but does these require a completely re-written OS?

Obviously the Storm users out there will probably welcome these changes the most as they are touchscreen handset’s which would benefit from the enhanced touchscreen support, however my question is do you BlackBerry owners out there want/require a new and improved OS?

Source: Softpedia, IntoMobile



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