WoW World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Raid Progression Changes

By Jamie Pert - Apr 26, 2010

Some interesting news has come from Blizzard today regarding changes to the way that players will raid in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. If you are an avid and regular raider, these are changes that you should need to know before you dive head first into the new raids and dungeons.

The changes are pretty straight forward, especially the loot aspect of the game. 10-man guilds and raids will no longer feel left out as 10-man versions of the bosses will drop the same loot as the 25-man version of the same boss, the only real advantage the 25-man raid will have is that it will drop more loot than the 10-man version.

Players will also not be able to run a 10-man version of a raid with their guild for example, and then PUG a 25-man straight after as Blizzard have announced that they are combining the raid lockouts for both the 10- and 25-man raids.

Bullet points from the announcement includes what we have highlighted above, plus smaller information such as that the content will continue to be gated, Normal and Heroic version of bosses will be on a per-boss basis, the same as Icecrown Citadel works now, and that the first few raid tiers could be smaller raids with 5-6 bosses which can be completed with end-game dungeon blues and crafted items.

The announcement came from a ‘blue post’ on the official WoW forums, for more information regarding the post and the Cataclysm raid changes, follow the source below.

Do you think that combining the loot tables for the 10-man and 25-man is a good idea?

Source: WoW

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  • chris

    This raid system is going to mess things up for both 10 and 25 man guilds. expecially for those that miss there raid schedule do to work or school. as often as pugs fail and are disbanded causing you to be saved to a single boss fight over several people failing to play there class or roll properly. then being locked out of both versions because of the id change. yeah this is fail thinking on bliz. and hope isnt put into effect

  • Actually I think is going to boost smaller guilds. I'm not understanding Cinderus' point. If a small guild has a loot hungry player who gets easily frustrated with lack of progression, that guild is going to lose that person regardless of combined loot tables or not. And most small guilds would probably not mind losing a player like that. Most small guilds I know are small because they're more "family type". In the smaller guilds players are people — not just a class/spec.

    I'm in a small guild that has just enough people to fill a 10 man. We do well and have fun. The combined loot table is going to be awesome for our guild.

  • tim

    Totally agree with Cinderus. Bliz is doing a wrong way here….

  • Cinderus

    This is going to destroy smaller guilds, because what will happen is the loot hungry will get frustrated with guild progression. Because they cannot have a back up raid they will leave their guild and look for one that will gaurentee them a full run. This will also cause the good old days where core raiders were allowed to come and everyone else got to show up wait an hour just to find out that they are not able to come and raid this week. Yeah this is probably a bad moove for bliz of all the cool things coming out in the expansion this is the first ah Man! I have seen.