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Slim Xbox 360 and Natal Hardware Bundles: E3 Debut

There have been a few rumors over the months concerning a Slim Xbox 360, the latest is that this and some Natal Hardware Bundles will debut during E3 2010. The idea of a slimmer version of the Xbox 360 is something that users want and need – it is no secret that Microsoft’s games consoles needs to lose a few pounds.

Engadget reports that Surfer Girl has offered up this latest news, we all know that she is no stranger to a rumor or two. Her description of the new Xbox 360 Slim was “pretty neat”, and it seems that Microsoft will revert back to black as its main color.

This does make sense, it will not only go with the dark blue color of Natal, but also the range of LCD and LED TVs on the market. We just hope that this is not just one of those rumors that we all forget about, the Xbox really does need a slim version now. Do not get me wrong, the Xbox 360 is a fantastic gaming machine – but it will never win any beauty contests.



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