RUSE (PC, PS3 and Xbox): Release Date in September

By Jamie Pert - Apr 26, 2010

The last time we spoke about the upcoming Ubisoft title RUSE was back in December 2009, here we posted a trailer for the upcoming game ans also revealed that a Mach 2010 release date was looking likely, now that March has come and gone its obvious that this wasn’t the case, we are now hearing a delay has pushed the release date back to September 2010.

The release date delay may not be a bad thing as Ubisoft have stated that the reason for the delay is due to “massive feedback” from the game’s beta testers, apparently this feedback has convinced Ubisoft to make massive changes to the game to improve the overall multiplayer experience.

This information came to light on RUSE’s Facebook page, if you check out this link you can see a list of some of the changes being made.

At the moment no specific release date has been confirmed, all we know is that we should expect to see it in late September, when we find out more we will keep you posted, for more details check out the link below.

Source: JoyStiq

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