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iPhone 4G: Police get involved over Gizmodo prototype

Just in case you thought the whole situation involving Apple, Gizmodo and the iPhone 4G prototype was all over, we are hearing reports that the police are now investigating the nature of how the device was obtained and if criminal charges should go ahead or not.

As reported from Apple Insider, it is thought that police are deciding whether there is enough evidence to support criminal prosecution. Whether this will be against Gizmodo, or the still unknown person who ‘sold’ it to Gizmodo, remains to be seen.

It is no secret that the tech site paid $5000 for the device, while Apple consider the device ‘stolen’, rather than ‘lost’. Apple Insider states that the maximum penalty for this could be up to one year in jail.

Will it really come to that though? Let us know your thoughts on the never-ending saga.



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