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Google Favors HTC DROID Incredible over Nexus One

Verizon customers have been waiting since the start of the year to get the Nexus One, but it seems as if they will be waiting a long time. While visiting the Google page to get an update on the situation, it seems that there has been a development, the search engine giant offers an alternative – buy the Droid Incredible by HTC.

Google explains that this handset is much like the nexus One, as it comes with most of its features. Even Engadget has picked up on it, noticing that the “coming soon” tag is now missing – we wonder if Verizon has given up on the superphone because of the 3G issues?

It certainly seems strange that Google is no longer singing the praises of the Nexus One – instead focusing its attention towards the HTC DROID Incredible, but for good reason. The Incredible is considered to be the best Android handset yet, so will be a huge boost for Verizon and its customers.



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