BMW Gran Coupe Concept: Beijing 2010 Motor Show

BMW unveiled its Gran Coupe concept at this years Beijing Motor Show. With manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi producing stylish sedans, BMW needed to get on the bandwagon.

The concept shows a sporty design that sits four inches flatter than the 5 and 7 Series, whilst giving a glimpse at what the next-generation 6 Series will look like. As with all BMW’s style is everything and looking at the pictures on AutoBlog from the show BMW has not cut corners with the Coupe. Its frameless doors, vaulted bonnet and flat silhouette matched with LED lighting give a exceptionally classy look.

As BMW is one of the last luxury manufacturers to offer a four-door coupe it wont be a surprise to find a production version of this concept rolling off the production lines within the coming years. Check out the link to see BMW’s full press release and some more tasty pictures.

Source: AutoBlog



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