BlackBerry Bold 9650 or HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon?

By Alan Ng - Apr 26, 2010

We have some good news for BlackBerry lovers now, as RIM has just announced the BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone, hours away from RIM’s WES event which starts tomorrow in Orlando.

As reported from BGR, the CMDA-EVDO based 9650 will be availble in May and packs features such as a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, optical trackpad, WiFi and GPS support, 512 MB of flash memory, microSDHC card support and HSPA and UTMS network support.

The phone will ship with OS 5.0 and although RIM made no specific mention of carriers for the device, it is likely that both Verizon and Sprint will take the handset on board.

With the HTC Droid Incredible available on April 29th from Verizon, will you still pick that up on launch, or does the BlackBerry 9650 offer more for you?

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  • Stacey

    Against my better judgment, I passed on a new BB when it was time to upgrade, and I decided to go with the Droid Incredible. Did all the research, this device is highly rated, and it seemed like it had MORE than I could ever want in a phone. The problem is, it doesn't have the BASIC requirements that I need during my business day. First and foremost, the phone HAS to operate flawlessly as a PHONE! My old BB had much better clarity on a call, and that's extremely important when I'm on an important call. I had read about the battery life being an issue with Droid, but it's MUCH worse than I thought. Here's the bottom line: It doesn't matter to me if I have tons of fun apps, and the touch screen is oh so pretty and fun. I NEED a phone that has clear sound quality, and to have to worry about the battery running out constantly is SO 2001! Talk about taking a step back! So my suggestion would be to figure out what's most important to you in a phone. As for me, my Droid is getting returned tomorrow, and I can't wait to get my new BB Bold! I need a serious phone, not a toy.

  • susanna

    i'm confused too .. the BB is so darn cute, but that 8 megapixel camera is tempting …

  • K a j

    can anyone offer suggestions? was really interested in buying a blackberry but have been getting talked into buying a droid bc of how much advanved they are..

  • Susan

    I am looking at new phones and am trying to find which would be best, the BB or the Droid. From reading all the reviews, it sounds like ppl who have had BB in the past definately would choose BB over the Droid, but those who have not, love their Droid.

    Is this similar to the PC vs. Mac debate. If you have not worked on PC, you love your Mac, but for PC users, going to Mac is a hard move. Just wondering if because I've had a BB, will I not be satisfied with a Droid.

  • contributestosociety

    BB are for people with careers guys, now go back to your xbox 360.

    • ballNchain

      lol ill stick with my HTC incredible and xbox360 for my personal use, but my employer (credit suisse) has got me tied to my corporate bb 🙁 bastards

  • Frank

    Ditto what tss said. Plus how could the 9650 possibly "offer more for you"? The htc incredible out does the BB in EVERY aspect, not only out does but completely stomps it. So if you want to get LESS features and still pay more becuase you will be getting BBM then get the BB.

  • TSS

    Blackberry's are becoming a dinosaur, better get with the times RIM….

    • spyderfone

      BB is using a tried and tested OS. It is no more a dinasaur than anything else written in C++ Droid phones are great, but just like mine, they freeze and the scrolling is choppy, not to mention the poor battery life (not directly Androids fault)… BB just works and it does so everytime I need it. BB’s alerts work flawlessly and the call quality is unmatched.