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BlackBerry Bold 9650: Hands-on Photos before Release

Following on from the official announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone, we have some great hands-on images for you to take a look at, which give you a close-up of the device before it is due to be released sometime in May.

The pictures come to us courtesy of BGR, who have uploaded a collection of them up on their website of the Bold 9650 and also the BlackBerry 9100 – another of RIM’s new handsets.

If you want a rundown of specs for the device, you’ll find them in our previous article here, while we also informed you of Sprint’s official release regarding the device – we are still yet to hear from Verizon though.

What are your impressions of the phone? Will you be getting it, or are you saving your subscription for a ‘better’ handset?



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