Beijing 2010: New Geely Emgrand GE electric limo

Geely showed off its latest addition at Beijing 2010 the GE limousine, which it plans to put into production in 2015. With its large front grille echoing other models from Geely’s new range and stylish design throughout, the Emgrand premium is aimed at clients that would rather be driven than drive themselves.

Its 214-inch body sits over a 124-inch wheelbase making the GE a well-proportioned and large car. Two passengers can relax in the back with a shaped rear bench seat, or if specified a single seat can be installed with extra compartments either side if the owner wishes to work alone.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid system found in Geely’s GT coupe. The 2.4-liter four cylinder petrol engine pushes out 160 horsepower which is linked to a pair of 27.5 kilowatt hub motors for the electric drive giving all-wheel-drive capability. Check out the link for more pictures.

Source: AutoBlog



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