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Apple iPhone 4G: Conspiracy Theories and Role Play

While doing our daily search on the Internet, we found a video via Cnet that sums up nicely the story of the leaked iPhone 4G, and the latest conspiracy theories before any release date has been announced. The video looked at how they thought that fateful day went while in the bar where the concept iPhone was lost.

In the video, the presenter wonders if the whole thing was cooked up between Apple and Gizmodo, and this certainly makes sense. We all know how tight Apple is with its security, how could an engineer actually walk out with the most important device of the year?

Watch the video below to see a parody of how the event happened, it seems that the Apple engineer was slipped some roofies. The presenter of the video reckons that this could be the best defense for the engineer, Gray Powell; otherwise Apple might get a bit rough with him.

Please remember this is not how it went down, it is just a bit of phone, but then again, who knows?



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