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Left 4 Dead 2 Mutations: List in Full

There is nothing better then going home after a long day at work, turning your Xbox 360 or PC on and then slaughtering the living dead on Left 4 Dead 2. Users were treated to the latest DLC a few days ago and with it came a new campaign, as well as Mutations – this was the newest component for the popular game.

For those who do not know, Mutations are new game types and will be available for download each week, and will offer to the user a different variation on the standard game. Game Rant explains that the developer has come up with this weekly new content to help keep the game fresh.

Below is the full list of Mutations for Left 4 dead 2:

  • Chainsaws
  • First Man Out
  • Four Swords Men
  • Hardcore
  • Head Shots Only
  • Last Man on Earth
  • Linear Scavenge
  • M60s
  • Max Specials
  • No Health Versus
  • Realism Versus
  • Temporary Health
  • Ultra Realism
  • Versus Survival
  • Vip Target

Valve has yet to confirm these Mutations, but those above are thought to be legitimate. There are still 7 missing from the list, we will keep you informed once we know more.

Do you like the idea of these weekly DLC for Left 4 dead 2?



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