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Israel iPad Ban Lifted: Imports now Permitted

We reported last week that Israel had imposed a ban on the Apple iPad last week, we have just learned that it has now been lifted – meaning that imports will now be permitted once Apple launch the device to the International market at the end of May.

The reason why the embargo was put in place was due to fears that the wireless signal could disrupt other devices – those fears now seem unfounded thanks to a recent technical review. The Guardian said that 10 iPad tablet devices were seized at Israel’s international airport.

As you would imagine something like this created huge attention, so much so that Israel’s communications ministry became involved and got news from officials that Apple’s latest device met local standards.

This is great news for not only iPad fans but Apple as well, as this could have been a huge blow to them and even persuaded other countries to look more closely at the device. The likes of HP and Amazon will be upset to learn that the ban has now been lifted.



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