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iPhone 4G vs. HTC Droid Incredible Poll: 51% Prefer Former

Over the past few weeks’ two smartphones have not been out of the news, the Apple iPhone 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. The former has been all over the Internet, but for all the wrong reasons, the Incredible because its launch date is just days away.

Mashable has been running a poll to face-off both handsets, and comes as no surprise as to whom the winner currently is. 51% want the iPhone 4G more, the HTC Droid Incredible has got 42% of the votes – with 7% saying they like both/hate both phones. How would you vote?

We do wonder if these poll results will change come April 29, the day that what is thought to be the best Android handset is released? You can keep voting in the poll up until April 30 at noon.

The Apple iPhone 4G Concept has been all over the Internet this past week, and now the police have been called in. This is because the handset was left in a bar by an engineer and then stolen and sold to Gizmodo for $5,000 – which they then proceeded to do a full review of the smartphone.

As you would imagine, Apple were not happy and have now passed the matter over to the police. We are not certain if they have a case or who is at fault, what do you think?


  • Bobby

    The Evo 4G will leave the Iphone in the dust, and I have an Iphone now. This comparison is like comparing apples and oranges. A better comparison would be the EVO 4G vs Iphone "4G". The Evo having 4G Wimax speeds, 1gHz snapdragon processor, High-quality video streaming and downloads, 2 cameras (1 for conferencing and 1 for HD quality pictures),4.3" screen, HDMI output capable and an 8 device hotspot makes the Evo a clear winner IMHO.

  • Steve's Former Liver

    I've been an iphone user since the beginning, but I plan on switching to the Incredible when my contract is up. Even jailbreaking the iphone will not get you all the features that Sense has. And now Apple is going start putting annoying ads in their apps. I've had enough.

    • Eddie

      I had the first IPhone. I could not get service anywhere. It doen't matter to me how good the Iphone is since ATT sucks. I have a Lg voyger and have been waiting for a phone on Verizon for a long time. If both phones come down to a draw I as Verizon service breaks the tie. Answer Incredible by split decision.

  • LEG

    agree, first off if you ask someone if they prefer the iphone 4g their gonna say yes if their an apple fanboy or because they hear 4G, and their like " oh? 4g is much better and faster" and are clueless because iphone will not have 4g capabilities this summer or even this year Also both phones are not even out so why not start out with the EVO 4G? droid has NO HDMI output, not a 4.3 massive screen, no FRONT facing cameral. I guess the droid is coming out sooner so they forget about the better EVO 4G which WILL have the 4G Wimax and not 4G as a name. How bout make a poll about the iphone"4G" and the HTC EVO "real 4G"??????????

    • lou

      htc evo vs. iphone 4g.not going to happen

  • James

    Well, duh. This comparison fails. No offense to the author, but comparing these 2 phones is impossible. You are comparing something that's out with something that's not. The Incredible blows the iPhone 3GS out of the water…but the Incredible will lose against the iPhone 4G. The Android Market is much better than the iTunes Market IMHO. So, in conclusion…a better comparison would be The DROID Incredible vs The iPhone 3GS. Thanks for your time and have a blessed day.

  • David

    How can anyone cast a vote in this if neither phone is available?? All this story tells me is that 51% of the people are iPhone snobs, 42% have sided with Android, and the rest are the few people who haven't figured out their Blackberry's suck.

    • Val

      Because much of the world doesn't evaluate products strictly from a checklist of features and specs each time a new one comes out. Actual performance of previous-generation products count for those who've owned them and reputation for those who haven't. So too does your investment in a particular platform (wireless-provider contract, apps, etc.) and other social motivators–like the snobbery you seem to imply is only an iPhone-owner's trait. That said, I think you were quibbling about the author's use of the word "prefer" when the poll really asked which one you "want".

    • kate

      hahaha AMEN.

  • Constable Odo

    That percentage is too close to call and fairly useless since the iPhone 4G is a prototype that may or not end up as a final product.

  • lrd

    Does the HTC Incredible phone integrate perfectly with iTunes? If it doesn't, well it will never be as good as an iPhone. And those that buy and then compare it to what integration the iPhone offers, will be disappointed.

    • Lyndsey

      I actually hate forced iTunes integration. The main reason I don't like a lot of Apple products is that there's usually only one way to do anything, and the user gets to make very few choices (even just look at iphone customization, vs an android phone). My preferred method is to just deal with folders, but I'm also a Computer Science person and like transparency and doing things oldschool.

      My main problem with Apple though, is that it doesn't utilize a free market system, and as a result, I suspect we will see a lot more innovation on Androids (and in the android market) over the next few years. Apple just got a head start, and has very good advertising and packaging.

    • Matthew

      You are just another iphone loving Apple fan, yes I too am an Apple fan, I own a $5000 macbook pro, I also owned an iphone 3gs and I hated it. It was a piece of junk, I just pre-ordered an Incredible to replace my Motorola Droid. I have never had a phone as good as my Motorola Droid, but the Incredible is even better. The iphone is too old and is tired and played out. Who wants an old phone that everyone has?

    • Cictrone

      Yes but is a very complicated process.

  • DAN

    compare IPHONE 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G.


    • JPArts

      What? The 4G in the name refers to the 4th generation model, not the network technology.

      Thank you Apple for dumbing down and ruining broad telecommunication terms. fml.

  • DAN

    compare IPHONE 4G vs. HTC EVO 4G.



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