Ford Recall Includes Explorer, Fusion and Mercury

Ford is just the latest car manufacture to announce a recall on some of its models; these include the Explorer, Fusion and Mercury. In total there is to be 33,256 vehicles recalled due to their front seat manual recliners – models affected are those built between December 15, 2009 and February 3, 2010.

These models are the 2010 Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer Sport Track, Mercury Milan and Mountaineer. It seems that the manual recliners do not meet current Federal Motor vehicle safety standard 202 – hence the recall.

According to autoevolution, if one of these Ford vehicles were to crash, the seatback and head restraint could travel backwards – this could increase the risk of injury to passengers. Ford has announced that the recall will begin on April 30 – where you will have to visit your local dealer to replace your manual or power recliners.

It seems that car recalls are becoming more frequent now, or have we just been much closer attention since the 8 million Toyota recalls?


  • I hate you

    hahahahaha rob, toyotas set the bar for record recalls and saving money over fixing a problem that should have been caught immediately (over a period of YEARS, not months like most other recalls). Does the innovative safety features include an accelerator that does the accelerating for you? What about a cpu/ecu that malfunctions? That one is an amazing saftey feature. How about the saftey feature where your car slams into the back of another car doing 90 because you cant stop it…. ok, i lied before when I said that the cpu-ecu was my favorite feature, that last one is really my favorite Toyota safety feature, it gets a whole bunch of crappy, poorly built cars off the road and makes it safer for cars whos recalls include seat recliners and faulty turn signals for a few thousand cars, not 8.2 million cars (the sad part about that exaggeration is its only slightly off the real number)……. but your right, minor recalls are so much worse than a car that tries to kill you…………….. hail toyota and all they have done to rid the world of idiots who buy toyotas hahahaahahahaa.

  • Michael

    Toyota lied and hid their recalls for six months, that is the problem, not the recalls themselves. Don't be blinded by your love for Toyota. Plus Ford cars now top Toyota in quaility and safety, plus they look a darn sight better too.

  • Rob

    So are they going to mention Toyota everytime someone ELSE has a recall? How about the millions of recalls OTHER manufacturers have had over the past ten years…? LOL! A bunch of media and gov't conspiracy to bring down a great automotive company. Toyota has created a lot of safety standards that all automotive companies have adopted and now Toyota's gonna set the bar so high with their emphasis on quality, safety, and eco-friendly cars…I think the biased media will ultimately make Toyota even greater.

    • jerry

      I agree with you 100%. I feel the (american) media has emphasized Toyota's problems to to enhance american car makers, even thought most of the "foreign" automakers make their automobiles in the US.

    • Dan

      Toyota has been marketing in this country for many years some very ugly and apparently unsafe vehicles by the U.S.standards. They can,t make steel either. The Tundra spare tires are rusting off and falling on the pavement. It makes no sense to be driving one of these high mileage death traps. And as for their style, or rather lack of it, I always said" my hair isn,t gray enough to drive one of those outcasts"!

    • Tom

      At least they aren't hiding it. Toys are not the good cars of the 80s and 90s they use to be. I'd rather own a KIA or Nissan.


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