Blippy Credit Card Leak via Google: Lessons Learned

We were shocked to learn that 200 credit card transactions that were shared on Blippy – a new social networking startup – have been exposed by doing a simple Google search. Within the information exposed were credit card numbers, Blippy has now had them removed from Google’s cache.

For those who do not know, Blippy is a new service that allows its users to share their transaction details with others on their friends list. Blippy will analyze credit card statements that the user supplied, the service is then meant to delete certain data – but this did not happen for a few users.

According to Softpedia, the information that was made available via a Google search was unprocessed information from when Blippy was in beta, this led to the sensitive information being made available from the source code.

Although only four cards were affected, there are lessons to be learned. Blippy needs to make certain that they remove all sources of accidental exposure. This does not fill people with confidence the next time another start up comes onto the scene and asks for your financial details.



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