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Verizon iPhone 4G Prototype: Is there one?

Last week was a good week for Apple, ok so having its new iPhone 4G Prototype plastered all over the net was not good for Steve Jobs – we all know how he loves to show off his new products. But Apple managed to get a huge chunk of free publicity in the process, and consumers seem to have given the new iPhone a thumbs-up.

However, this has made me think – is there a Verizon iPhone 4G prototype? Then again we could have all missed something, how do we know that the Apple smartphone that went missing was not The Big Red version? Ok that’s wishful thinking, but after WSJ confirmed the existence of one, there has to be a prototype kicking around right?

Lets not start looking at the bars where all the iPhone engineers work, chances are they will have to be stripped searched before they leave work now – that’s if they are allowed to leave work from now until the WWDC event in June.

There is still the worry that Apple will Passover Verizon over once again, after all where is the VZ version of the iPad? Maybe Apple will not end the AT&T exclusivity deal until the 5G version – this will be one it will be a full 4G iPhone.


  • Amadou Diallou

    There is no way that Apple will sign on to produce a Verizon iPhone. CDMA is lame-ass, geographically limited, dead-end tech. If there is a Verizon iPhone, iPads with SCSI and serial ports will not be far behind.


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