PS3 Firmware v3.30: Are you worried about updating?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 24, 2010

We have reported on the Sony PS3 firmware update (3.30) recently, but there have been a lot of problems reported to us following the download. Readers have complained their PS3 will not power up, internet connection problems, and controllers no longer working properly are just some of the issues we have been told about.

For those of you that do not already know about the latest update, this latest one brings 3D stereoscopic gaming to the console, but you will need a 3D TV and games for this that have yet to be released. You can now select PC as an option for Remote Play Options, and there is the choice of Bit stream mix or direct in the Blu-audio output formats.

With all of these reported problems with the firmware update are you worried about connecting your PS3 to the internet and getting the update? Or do you think it will be a small percentage of PS3 owners experiencing problems? Let us know if you are having trouble since updating your system.

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