Mac Cloud Drive for Apple’s Snow Leopard OS

By Gary Johnson - Apr 24, 2010

Cloud computing has arrived for the Mac OS with the release of the Mac Cloud Drive. Developed by UK based SMEStorage, who have launched the first beta of a Mac Cloud Drive that allows for up to ten commercial storage providers that can be accessed straight from a virtual drive in the Mac Snow Leopard and Leopard operating systems.

The Cloud Drive supports over ten popular Cloud Storage vendors that include, RackSpace, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Amazon S3 cloud files. Users will be able to see files from many different storage clouds through a normal file system.

The developer now has virtual cloud drives for Mac, Linux, and Windows desktops, and has promised to continue to improve their tooling and products for all three operating systems. We have reported on the developer’s iPhone version of cloud storage in the past, and are now adding the Mac Cloud Drive to their catalogue.

Head over to the SMEStorage website for more information on Mac Cloud Drive and to download.

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