Google Doodle: Hubble Telescope’s 20th Anniversary

In celebration of the Hubble Telescope’s 20th anniversary, Google thought that the best way they could help celebrate was with a doodle of NASA’s achievement on its homepage. To help celebrate its second decade in space, the Hubble telescope has given us some amazing shots of a space constellation that is 7,500 light-years away.

According to, NASA launched Hubble into space on April 24, 1980 using Space Shuttle Discovery, it was one-month later when the telescope sent back its first image –be it a bit grainy. The world’s most famous telescope was named after Edwin Hubble, a U.S. astronomer.

There have been claims from a number of people saying that the project is costly, but studying our universe is worth it. Without the aid of the Hubble Telescope we would never have known how old the universe is and how planets were formed.

What have been your favorite images from the Hubble Telescope?



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